Single sex schools are very good because they help boys and girls. Girls can confidently raise their hands and speak without being made fun of. There will also be less girlfriend-boyfriend nonsense, which will stop marriage and dating at a young age. This will also prevent sexual behavior. Teachers can teach very risky subjects such as sex-ed when they think the students are mature enough to handle it. Girls learn faster than boys. If the teacher keeps on repeating the same lessons over and over again just for the sake of the boys, then what is the point for the girls? Single sex schools students are more likely to stay away from risky behaviors such as drinking, smoking, drugs, and much more.

  • I go to an all-girls high school.

    I have learned more in my two years at my same-sex school than I did in all my years with boys in middle school. They were always fooling around and trying to impress girls, distracting everyone from learning. At my high school, there's less drama, better focus, and not as many distractions. We have plenty of options if we want to meet boys, but we also have the chance to intellectually spread out without distractions. We have plenty of unique teachers (a very equal ratio of men to women), and our school is academically one of the best in our city. Children who go to same-sex schools aren't impaired because they don't learn to cooperate with the opposite gender. In fact, they learn to embrace their own gender and appreciate the opposite more. If same-sex schools do a good job of working together (like ours do), the children don't miss out on any sort of social education. We work together on charity projects, hold dances that everybody attends, and have sports events that everyone is invited to. I have much more confidence in myself and my opinions now than I ever did in middle school. There's a lot more freedom and a lot less bad descisions without boys around.

  • Puberty and changes make single sex schools a good idea.

    I think that when they are in 6th-8th grade, girls should be in a single-sex school. When girls are in middle school they are not yet mature. They focus more on boys than their school work. A single-sex school helps solve this problem. When they hit high school age they should be okay to go to a public school.

  • Both sides of the situation have valid points.

    However, I believe that single sex schools are a good idea because school is a place to learn and should provide an environment conducive for success. Some arguments against these schools include:
    1. Children are unable to learn how to build a positive relationship with the opposite sex.
    2. The kids do not like to be separated from the opposite sex.
    3. There is a greater chance of the student becoming a homosexual, which will result in bullying in the future and a population decline.
    All three are perfectly logical points.
    HOWEVER... Younger children (particularly boys - not bashing them; it's scientifically proven they mature slower) are unfortunately immature, whether they acknowledge/admit it or not. And since the point of school is to instill a good education within students, the fewer distractions are better. Because children are still young, their relationships with each other will not be as strong as they will if they learn how to develop them later on when both parties are mature. Basically, to sum it all up, the relationships built in middle school will be of very little help when it comes to building relationships during adulthood (college and beyond) because the minds of the same people will be very different by then.
    The second point is that children do not like it. Well, children do not like a lot of things that are good for them. But it is the duty of the parent to decide what is better for the child because, let's face it, no one else will.
    The third point is there is a greater chance of the student becoming a homosexual, which could mean bullying and a population decline. I'm not sure if that's scientifically true, but for argument's sake, we'll say it is. Now let's think about this for a moment. The argument basically states to not do something because you will get bullied for it. Okay, I have a black friend who goes to a school that brushes off racial slurs and has kids that are very racist. She doesn't transfer to a non-racist school or paint her body white or something just to avoid the bullies. No, she deals with them bravely, head held high. And she's proud of who she is. And I have always admired that about her. Besides, children need to learn to face their problems with pride of their identity, of who they are.
    As for the population decline statement: Overpopulation is one of the world's greatest problems. If there were more gay couples, it would help, not hurt, the world. Not only that, when gay couples want a child, they adopt, right? Think of all the orphaned children in the world that would finally have a home thanks to them.

    So while I do understand the points made against single sex schools (since I strongly believed in that point of view for a long while), I now understand why single sex schools actually benefit students more than co-ed ones do.

  • For the grades which fall in the teenage years, single-sex schools offer a focused learning environment.

    During the teenage years hormones are high and the result can be very confusing for both boys and girls. Combining this with a learning environment can result in a loss of concentration on studies. Furthermore, competition between the sexes can result in an unequal learning environment. Girls, for example, may not excel in science for fear of turning off male interest. Likewise, boys may not express their opinions in English classes for fear of not appearing manly to female classmates. By separating the learning environments, these issues are eliminated.

    Posted by: RaymoCanyons
  • Single sex schools are a good idea because they work better.

    It has been scientifically proven that girls work better in a single sex school, and so do boys. Also, girls are more willing to ask and answer questions if boys are not in the room, so they don't have to worry what a boy will think of them. Single sex schools are better for many reasons, one of the reasons being that they're more effective.

  • YES!!!

    Dr. Bacon was discusing that single sex schools is a bad idea because boys wont learn from girls and girls wont learn from boys. Well, unless you have no friends you can interact with the opposite sex in other places besides school. As an anonymous poster posted, school is for learning. Also Dr. Bacon said that single sex schools are expensive. Well, that is part of a good education. Nothing that is very good is free or cheap.

  • Yes...but only for certain classes on the basis of maturity.

    It is vital that boys and girls learn how to word together, so a completely single-sex environment I believe is counterproductive. However there is a substantial amount of research that supports the differences in how boys and girls learn, and there is even a school in Manhattan called NEST+M that segregates the genders for math class. Their statistics show that their students excel in these subjects.

  • Why not marry them both?

    Having read some of the opinions, I can see good in both sides. There is value in same gender classrooms and some validity in the social aspect of the against side. Why then don't they have gender specific classes for the core curriculum classes and co-ed for the fun, elective classes? Both sexes could interact during breaks, but in class its time for academics, not distractions. Could work, no?

  • The presence of others in a classroom affects the ways in which we get involved in learning

    Single sex schools are a good idea, but of course, this should be a choice of the individual learning to attend one. The presence of others in a classroom largely affect the ways in which we actively participate in class. People may feel more comfortable sharing, debating and discussing ideas, particularly of sensitive issues or matters of controversy, with others of the same sex. Learning is about maximising an individuals potential and this begins with making them feel comfortable. It can be argued that a part of learning is to also learn to deal with being out of our comfort zones (which may be the case of being in a mixed classroom discussing such issues), certainly, there may be differences in opinion as gender may lend itself to different prespectives of which if individuals were made aware of these, their learning is expanded. However, individual comfort in learning is of foremost importance, because without this in the first place, how is one going to feel comfortable with trying new things for progressive learning? There needs to be a first stepping stone, and for some, single sex schools can provide this platform.

  • single sex schools is a bad idea.

    when some one is put into a single sex school for soo long they may have a higher chance of becoming a homosexual. now nothing against homosexauls but that is what may result from single sex schools. not only that but they may end up getting bullied too! do you want your child to be bullied? i didnt think so.

  • Sex vs. Gender

    First this is assuming that there are only two sexes, which is biologically inaccurate. Second, we are assuming that each persons gender matches their sex. As someone who is transgender I would have been really messed up if I would have been put in a school of all girls based on my sex.

  • Sounds like a question the gays brought up

    Kids should learn how to deal with the opposite sex. They should not be kept away from each other. This sounds like something coming from the gay crowd. If we can't teach our kids how to act around the opposite sex then we should check how much time we are spending with our kids.

    Posted by: dcf
  • its just not right

    It is said that single sex schools promote homosexuality, that students don’t have much of a choice anymore in whom to be with. They are always surrounded by the same gender, and they have certain needs that have to be fulfilled. Since they can’t have their natural needs, they switch and prefer the same sex. This was proves when straight men ended up raping other men because of the environment they are in.

  • Unprepared

    When you seperate classes by gender, you teach young children that you wjill not be working with the other gender when you are older. This is a lie, in the near future they will be working side-by-side, not being as productive as they normally would because they were not ready for the situation.
    When children are seperated, they become more stereo typical. Why would we teach children to be like this?
    It has be proven that when you have a mixed class, the grades are higher for both boys and girls (primarly the males) than they would if they were seperated.
    Each gender does have their own needs, but it is not nessicary to seperate them just to help them with this.
    If you don't believe me, just do some research.

  • of course not

    Ill give it to you simply:IT IS AGAINST THE LAW
    it goes completely against the 14th amendment as well as title 9. It has been taken to the sumpreme court. They said plainly and flatly NO. Since girls and boys have SLIGHTLY different learning styles, they can learn from each other! If you separate girls from boys it will be the 1950's all over again! Just when the stupidity of "separate but equal" they're trying to separate us again? Separate will NEVER BE EQUAL. Ok?

  • no hormones

    because do you want to tell all the guys at home when you get older that you have never had a girl freind in your life i mean there are kids that feel because they have had one or to! but to not have one at all and having the chances to go gay because of it no a good idea!!!

  • No same sex schools!!!!!!!

    If in same sex schools we would have more problems then other schools less interactive with the other sex and for that we should have other schools and this would be more gays and that will
    result in a population decrees then our nation will fall and that is why we should stay the way we are.

  • Single Sex Schools are Very Bad.

    Single sex schools are very bad, because it takes away the learning curve of learning with the opposite sex and learning to deal with them. Sometimes it helps with evening things out in the class room. For example if girls can vote for the same thing if you are doing a tally one subject may have all or the most of the vote but if there are both females and males it will even it out!

  • bad learning skills

    Studies show that you have less of a flow of ideas and studying techniques between the genders. They find it harder to study in groups. Single gender schools are capable of creating a gender disparity in minds of students from a young age. Smaller classes and more individual attention can be just as effective as separating the boys and girls.

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Anonymous says2013-04-05T02:31:11.040
I don't think same gender schools are good because you are blocked off from the opposite gender. How does that prepare you for the work place? When you have a job boys and girls aren't seperated. If high school prepares you for work it should be teaching you to divide yourself! I have tons of guy friends at my boy/girl school plus i get A's! You can have the best of both!!😁
Ps: how can you learn about LOVE! Most say you cant gave a boyfriend/girlfriend till high school so why wait even further till like college! You should just have a boy/girl school with seperated boy girl classes for gendered subjects!
Anonymous says2013-04-30T18:56:15.260
There are a lot of ways to look at the promplem
Quan says2013-06-18T16:46:19.573
What a great idea! In fact, we should separate them outside of school as well. They shouldn't even be aware that the other gender exists until they're old enough to understand. (On a serious note, when is this ridiculousness going to end? This would encourage sexism and stunt social development.)
desiree1997 says2014-03-06T19:40:08.647
I honestly think that single gender schools is a good idea because, we as young adults need to learn how to communicate in a good way with the opposite sex and not be so afraid of what others might think. To be honest it is really hard because girls and boys feel that they will be judged by the opposite sex. But this is something that we cannot ignore it will always be there it is apart of everyday life.