Are single sex schools good for childrens education?

Asked by: TheBreadBasket
  • They are more focused

    Studies have shown that boys without the interference of any other sex can focus more than with different sex. And it is shown that segregated girls from boys are more willing to achive things that with other sex. Proponents of single-sex schools maintain that, by removing the distractions of the other sex, students learn more effectively and feel better about their education. Opponents say that co-educational schools in contrast are important in that they prepare students better for the real world, and do not attempt to segregate students from the realities of adult life.

  • No way, Boy+Girl=Fun

    Imagine being stuck in a school only with boys. With no female comfort, no crushes, no fun.
    Mixed sex schools are great because if its only boys everyone literally becomes gay. And if its only girls than... Well... Lesbians...
    I really don't understand why parents want to send their kids to single sex schools. Agreed it may be good for their study but What about their social life...

  • Girls and boys will only get to know each other in MULTI-sex schools.

    In schools with both girls and boys, each will get to know each other. And what about teenage girls and boys? If they are separate, how can they marry? If the two sexes are separated, they don't know what the other sex is like, and if a person from a multi sex school says the other sex is horrible, that person is more likely to believe that , because they don't really know what the other sex is like. If there are multi sex schools, then there is a chance that the other sex is nicer than you might expect, and they will get along.

  • No longer works.

    Single-sex schools worked in conservative societies of the yesteryear. Back then, boys and girls rarely interacted with members of the opposite sex except for family members, and you learn to interact with family members at home anyway.

    However, today, it is no longer working. Even if boys and girls are in separate schools, there are numerous channels for them to communicate with each other. If you ever visit the Hong Kong Facebook page 'Secrets of the Prestigious Schools' (provided you speak Cantonese), you'll notice that there are a huge number of students from male-only schools who want to go or are going out with students from female-only schools.

    Same-sex schools deprive students of the opportunity to be taught the proper ways of socialising with the opposite sex, and the opportunity to be corrected by their teachers if they are not doing it right. While I support measures to deter students from inappropriate behaviour (such as getting into dates at too young an age), single-sex schools are not solving the problems, but pushing them outside the boundaries of the school.

  • Theres more to school than just learning

    As the title puts it there is so much more to school than just the transfer of facts from teacher to student. School is a massive society where kids mature and grow from experiences. Take a massive chunk of that away and you are putting them at a massive disadvantage in later life. I've just done a research project for my undergrad education degree. The transition between year groups, especially at early years is of massive importance, in some cases more important than even learning. If a child is struggling both socially and as a person, then learning is the last thing on their minds.

  • It would only make their future difficult

    The world consists of both, having grown up with one their whole life, they wouldn't be able to function or understand the other one. They would focus TOO much on gender, and see it as a divide, rather than a form of a human being. Gender is irrelevant, if I'm a straight female, that doesn't mean I can't interact with straight males in a way that purely platonic.

  • Children should socialize with BOTH genders.

    Imagine how awkward it would be if girls grew up with no contact with boys their age, and vice versa... It would be hard to socialize once they were adults, because they are suddenly thrown into a mixed gender environment. Girls should go to school with boys, definitely. They will have much more interesting and fun social lives.

  • Kids may be socially awkward with the opposite sex later on

    Yes, I agree that some kids in highschool get distracted from boys or girls in class. But if you have your priorities straight, that shouldn't be an issue. Many people at young ages get nervous talking to the opposite sex, why would you want to divide them and make it even worse?

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Thegreatdebate98 says2015-06-02T16:40:24.053
That is like saying everyone is straight, and even if they are, does it matter? If that would be the case, then that also means a straight guy and gay guy cannot be friends. I am a straight female, but most of the guys I encounter in close relationships are friends, and couldn't imagine it any other way.