• Focus on Academics

    Co-ed high schools swim in adolescent hormones and many students spend a lot of time thinking about and trying to attract people of the opposite sex, too often to the exclusion of schoolwork. Single sex schools reduce some of that focus which frees up more of the mind to think about learning math and language arts. Further, girls benefit academically from not competing with boys, especially in math and science.

  • Leads in getting more closer to same sex person

    People who go in single sex schools are more likely to have increased in the relationship between them which can lead in disapproval by the community and sometimes by the family too. They can also become more complex in their attitude as they can get more angry and can talk to anybody in any way and matter they want.

  • Fewer distractions there.

    Yes, I think that single sex schools are more beneficial to students than coed schools, because they get rid of one big distraction in the classroom. Students can focus on their studies, rather than focusing on whether they fit in or get attention from the opposite sex. It allows students an environment for learning.

  • No, they are not

    They may produce better results in the grade department,but your only pushing them to be social misfits. I think that education and social mix that normal schools bring, helps build a better well rounded student. If you keep them locked up, under key, they will only lash out and do the opposite.

  • Twice the money......Twice the space

    As i already explained in a comment in one of the YES responses on this topic, say the men's school buys a football stadium, so do the women's school. Now think about buying twice the number of schools but half the size(not always half the price because you need an auditorium the same size in both and you need a lot of money for auditoriums) now you're spending close to twice the money and now twice the space.

  • If you say yes...Time to get out of your box.

    The world does not run where girls and guys work seperatly. It's the parents jobs to teach their children how to deal with distractions....

    Are you kidding me. So if you go to a single sex school and when you go to the working world. Suddenly there are guys around. You are lesser prepared than those who go to normal schools.

    Your EQ is certainly gonna be lesser.

  • Absolutely ridiculous idea

    All this does is reinforce the idea that the separate genders need separate treatment and can't work together. Indeed, if we're not careful, it can even lead to gender based "Separate, but equal" situations, which will NOT help sexism to subside, If you want to set gender equality back 50 years, then this is a great way to do it. Otherwise, may want to abandon the idea as quickly as it started.

  • No they are not.

    Studies show that same-sex schools have no benefits and any studies used to promote same-sex schooling use data that is not correct. Also why would you want to have your child learning in a school that is not representative of the society we live in. How can this be a good thing, surely it leads to social awkwardness or raised tension towards the opposite sex.

  • No, single sex schools are not more beneficial.

    I do not think that single sex schools are more beneficial to students than coed schools. I think that it really depends on the person and not the school. I think that while it may benefit some people, it doesn't always mean it is better. I think it varies on the student.

  • The perception is that single sex is Better than coed

    Because private schools are usually single sex and no getting away from it they do get better results. But having gone to a state funded all boys secondary school I disagree.

    I experienced a lot of violence at secondary school you have 2000 boys between the age of 11-16 all vieing to be top dog there is too much testosterone flying about with no girls who have a slight calming effect.

    I went to a coed 6 form collage and found there there were a lot less fights just knowing there were girls around made everyone less aggressive I mean there were still a couple of "flash points" but for the most part everyone was a lot calmer with much fewer fights.

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