Are sinkholes becoming a more common problem within the United States?

  • Sinkholes are becoming more problematic

    Every year the problem of sinkholes becomes more prevalent in the US. As the earth shifts and the ground beneath becomes less stable, there becomes a greater chance of harm to people or their property. Anything that can cause harm is problematic, but this is more serious because there are very little warning signs. The amount of sinkhole stories is growing in the US and it's a problem that we must face to ensure safety for everyone.

  • More Construction Means More Risks

    All it takes is a viewing of the recent sinkhole in the Corvette museum in Kentucky to see that sinkholes are a more common problem. With more water runoff causing erosion and more construction over karst topography, sinkholes will be a more common phenomenon moving forward. Humans need space to live and sometimes new homes are built in riskier places because of a need for breathing room.

  • Yes, sinkholes are becoming more costly

    Sinkholes are becoming problematic because there is more to damage when a sinkhole occurs. Sinkholes are not more prevalent than they were in the past. What has changed is the value of property. As the value of property goes up, so does the potential cost of damage from a sinkhole. A sinkhole today would be more costly than the same sinkhole 10 years ago.

  • More buildings built

    Yes, they are becoming a larger problem when talking about property damage, but only because more and more land is being abused, and more buildings are being built all the time. The more you build the more likely that eventually you will have a sink hole claim a building or other property.

  • They've always been around, it's our development that's new.

    I think that sinkholes have always been a bit of a problem in the areas of the United States where we hear about them. But it hasn't helped that our development has encroached into areas that are known for them. It's also bad because of our depletion of the water table, and also due to fracking.

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