• Only on skinny women.

    Tight jeans are sexy when worn by women who can show off their curves, but overweight women should stop trying to kid themselves if they think they can look good in them. There is nothing sexier than a skinny woman in jeans so tight, she can't even sit in them!

  • Yes, I agree; more often than not.

    While any fashion trend can be done badly, these I find are a way to accentuate what curves a woman does have. Those who say it only works on the skinny girls have a poor appreciation of female anatomy. At a certain point however, there's probably some work to be done. Nothing is sexier than a perfect pair of jeans, except for wet-look leggings. It's far easier to look bad in those though!

  • Yes, with the right body and the proper attitude.

    The best way to pull off any look is attitude. If you feel fabulous in what you are wearing, it radiates outward and comes through no matter what you wear. That is always sexy no matter what the age, weight, height or gender. Skin tight jeans worn right look good. Know your body and your comfort levels and you can wear anything.

  • Nope, I am aroused the most when women where a skirt.

    Skirt and proper garment is covering women body, allow her face to be more expressive, it also giving a hint of her body (show off her waist) and allow her to use imagination on presentation of her body (ok, I am admitted, this sound very pervert and I am very embarrassing right now). In my opinion, if the women are to wear expressive cloth such as tight jean, tube top etc., she's better be naked and have a nice body because that is neither beauty nor sexy.

  • No they are not.

    Skin tight jeans are not sexy, I do not care if it is on a girl or a guy. I do not like them because it is way too close to their skin and looks super uncomfortable. Not to mention I do not need to see what is inside someones pocket while they still have jeans on.

  • Why Overweight Women Should Not Wear Jeans

    Most woman are too fat for jeans. And, most men like dresses, skirts, nice slacks.

    And, jeans take too long to get off.

    "Most overweight people are gluttons and the women are more than the men. But the ridiculous thing is that these overweight women still want to compete with the models in trendy jeans in vogue when they gnash their teeth, fart and sweat in their daily ordeals of forcing their folds of fat into jeans that cannot fit them."

    A woman who is in great shape looks good in skin tight jeans; but, she will look sexy in almost anything.

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