• Yes. Sky-high condos are beneficial to large cities

    The condos will attract more single and married businessmen and woman who are looking for a quick commute but also without all the noise of the city. If they are up high enough, they won't hear the noise and they will have incredible views. Also, if you make them luxury condos, it will attract them even more.

  • Yes, housing that takes up less space is beneficial

    Housing that takes up less natural area is beneficial to cities. There is limited real estate, and so building up can save what little green space is left. Sadly, it's known that cities trap heat and alter the temperature because of the lack of green spaces. Housing that takes up less room can ultimately be beneficial to the environment.

  • sky-high condos large cities

    Yes I do believe that sky high condos are beneficial to large cities. There is so many business and way to little space. Many businesses can only expand up and that also applies to places to live. It creates extra space that many large towns desperately need to keep growing and expanding.

  • No, it does not solve the problem of urban sprawl

    No, I do not believe sky-high condos are beneficial to large cities; I do not believe it combats urban sprawl as intended. With so many people living on top of each other, more and more convenience factors are needed to accommodate the people living in condos and what they give up by living in those types of accommodations, such as garages and grocery stores in walking distance. These features often drive out other businesses, like restaurants or shops, or make it difficult for anyone not living in the vicinity to patronize these business without adding significant costs for the conveniences they have lost. Thus, these business must be duplicated or relocated elsewhere. This actually forces urban sprawl and a continual state of construction.
    Further, vehicular traffic is not lessened as idealized. New York City is known for its traffic jams. While residents may not have or frequently use their own car, taxis and public transportation still clog the arteries of the town. Pedestrian traffic and bike traffic are not glamorized or rewarded in anyway, making them the less utilized option. Additionally, public transportation systems are not quickly or easily added or enhanced for the citizens living in the suburban regions.
    Lastly, these condos often relocate the cities original inhabitants who often can not afford the sky-high prices these condos come with. This again, increases the need for additional housing and development in the surrounding areas, continually pushing the city further out. Without a restructuring of the cost, convenience, and infrastructure to support these condos, they only add to congestion and management issues of a city.

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