Are slavery and racism necessarily intertwined?

Asked by: Adam2
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  • Slavery creates racism but racism has nothing to do with slavery

    White people invented enslaving white people, black people invented enslaving black people, asian people invented enslaving asian people etc.,etc. If people of all races are or should be equal than is it more racist if a white cop kills a black person or if a black person kills a black person? How about Is it more racist if a black man kills an asian cop or if a Hispanic women kills an Indian baby? Racism only exists on an individual basis. If you believe that all people are equal than it is impossible to make something racist just because it happens between people of different races. Otherwise two people of different races cannot even possible be friends without being racists themselves.

  • Whoever says that slaveowners lynched black slaves has no clue

    Mind you both were despicable but slavery and racism was not mutual. Slaveowners did not lync or kill. They obviously needed their slaves. They did whip them to submission, quite brutally I might add. Oh they had them mind you, but they did want them to work for them. Lynching on other hand was committed by non-slaveowners.
    Yes you had those who were racist and supported slavery who did this
    but a good amount of the people who lynched blacks were not supporters of slavery. They had no problem treating blacks like crud, that's all.

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Craighawley215 says2014-06-11T16:54:08.750
I'd just like to mention that the first American slave was black, and the first American slave owner, ironically enough, was also black.