• yes they are

    Yes, it is a real good thing for a city to be really smart, and it is a good way to make sure that you will be good on a whole lot of issues, like the economy and makings sure that you have all of the programs that you need.

  • Yes, I think smart cities are empty hype.

    I think that while cities will become more and more technology orientated I don't envision a city that is so advanced on technology at every corner, I think it is largely empty hype and wishful thinking to when you think about the cost it would take to build and maintain a "smart city".

  • Smart City is an Artifact:

    Human habitats are culturally produced by people. Of course, pathways of material cycles and energy flow in them are different from natural systems, but they have organic synergy with nature and environment. Cityscape reflects its environment and citizen's culture. Certain global developer have floated many similar ideas which may appeal developed countries, not the developing countries. They just want to make buck.

  • Way of the future.

    Technology is the future of our societies, governments, and nations. Each new piece of technology is transformed into bigger and better ideas each day. Our corporations continue to expand using more and more technology on a daily basis. Smart cities are the way of the future. Therefore, technology is the future, the constant change in how we need to survive in our lives. Our world is always evolving into bigger and better things. Technology will lead the way to those bigger and better things. Smarter cities are the way to go. They will lead the way.

  • The very concept of "smart cities" is just hype

    The phrase "smart cities" is an empty slogan. In the modern age, when the average person has so many demands on their attention, it is inevitable that slogans, catchphrases, and jargon become more common. The idea of "smart cities" is just such an idea - an advertising phrase meant to signal that a given location has some special characteristis. In fact, this phrase is meaningless.

  • Smart cities are not empty hype.

    Smart technology is the new big thing. It is important for technology to be able to connect to itself and other surrounding objects. As more and more buildings, devices, and people are connected to eachother we get a better understanding of how we work and the patterns we operate within. This knowledge is power.

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