• Yes! They can kill!

    22% of six, seven, eight, and nine year olds and 60% of ten to fourteen year olds possess cell phones. Cell phones were invented in 1973 by Martin Cooper. They aren't good for youth. Cell phones let kids cheat, don't let them finish homework, and are bad for their health.
    Kids cheat. It's inevitable. Some use small electronics. So why give them a cell phone if they're going to cheat on tests with it? Most in favor of cell phones, the majority of which are teens, say that they can do homework on them instead of going over and logging onto a computer. Obviously, this does not completely compute correctly, because even if they aren't using the phone to cheat for themselves, they can always text their friends the answer, or vice-versa. Although the parents who see this would say that they would take the phones away for tests and stuff, kids always find a way to bring things where they want, especially something so small as a phone. Is this enough, or should I go on to the topic of kids not completing their homework on time?
    The reasons that the children don't finish their homework include that they are texting instead of doing homework, or playing a game on the phone instead of doing homework. Although some would say that they like to stay in touch, of course this still takes time out of doing homework. So, what's the point? Even though some kids say that they like to be able to get in touch with their parents, there is a phone almost anywhere they go. Exercising their memory, kids only have to memorize their parents phone number to get in contact.

    If the above reasons aren't enough, then what about the fact that a phone can kill you in many ways? For starters, it increases the risk of being in an accident. Being inattentive, both the
    driver and/or the pedestrian can be on their phone, which then... SLAM!!! Goodbye person. Also, cell phones and other screened electronics give off blue light, which is the dominant color of light in the sky. Overexposure at night can throw off the circadian rhythm and lead to cancer, which can, of course, cause death. Although people would beat all of that down by saying that they simply wouldn't use their electronics as much, they can still get a text at just the wrong time, whether it be when they are crossing the road or driving, or in the middle of the night.
    In the end, it is obvious that young children should not have cell phones, because they can kill, prevent them from doing homework, and let them cheat. So the world should give their children a cell phone when they are able to drive, but only for contacting parents. When they are adults, then they can get a better phone - that they pay for and are responsible for.

  • Radiation emits through phones

    Several cases of cancer and radiation poisoning have occurred from the phones. We can tell it's from phones in cases with cancerous ears or hands. Phones emit a lot of radiation and people are always on them, all electronics emit radiation but phones are most often used. So therefore Smart Phones are dangerous.

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