Are smartphones, iPads, tablets, etc. and other electronic gadgetry the bane of modern history (yes) or the genius of humankind (no)?

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  • They can be both, and they are

    All these mobile devices are absolutely unbelievable, the fact that such a thing can exist AND that somebody figured it out will never cease to astound me. Unfortunately, they've turned us into a bunch of lazy antisocial schlubs that don't go outside and don't know how to do anything without one of them, but the fact that they've brought out the worst in us doesn't make the fact that they exist any less impressive.

  • The computer and the ipad, the next evolution

    Mankind has spent a significant amount of time in the dark ages. Distribution of information was heavily restricted and illiteracy was high. Only the rich knew how to read and they were the only people who had money to purchase books. Now that we have the Internet and the iPad, anyone can learn a wide variety of subjects freely.

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