• Yes it makes us smarter

    We can get enormous info and can study and learn many more and more things. It not only helps in understanding but also how to represent yourself in front of a huge crowd like in seminars and we can get many more things and lastly if it would not make child smarter we would not be in this site sharing info and debating

  • If u say no u have a disability

    Phones making us smarter as they challene the brain into action. Games help with problem solivng. Apps have been developed for mental health issues to improve them. If u said no, I am assuming that you are either over the age over 50 or that you have stage 5 ligma. Hence, Your opinion is biased. Try a test, Get the score, Play some games, Like fortnite or minercraft for an 1hr and do a different test and see how you will score better results

  • So much info

    Information is so much more easy to acess than having to go to a libary to find the right book. With the internet we can find info directly and not have to read a long and boring book. Tecnology is the way of the future. Smartphones help us learn. Smartphones are the way of the futre.

  • They make us smarter

    Im a taxi driver and when I take a booking, Usually when im reaching the pickup point, The booking will be cancelled. And there will be someone who there to hail the taxi. Even though cheap but sure smart. Didn't have this in last time. But im really not so sure

  • Infromation Giving device

    A phone makes you able to access a lot more information, And although it may seem we are getting lazy, We are just getting more used to a better alternative towards learning information. It may also seem phones make us less able to problem solving, Where I believe it improves it. I have no way of proving this, And don't want to debate, I'm just putting out my opinion

  • We can improve knowledge via it.

    The smart phone is very very important and easily in life. It is can bring everywhere and it's smaller than computer and tablet.More and more the smartphones we use 3G or 4G and FiWi, but other use only FiWi and if do not have Fiwi it will die mean it cannot process but smartphones can do it.

  • Smartphones are the future

    Smartphones have made us smarter as we have information at our fingertips. Having so much info in such a little box is amazing. All over Facebook and Instagram are facts and articles that people read, remember, and apply the knowledge into everyday life. It's crazy to think how since the industrial revolution how many inventions have been invented (haha). For example; drones, Bluetooth, wireless internet, nbn, surgical equiptment and other medical stuff. None of this would have happened if the smartphone wasn't invented.

  • They make us smarter

    I think that without smartphones we would not be able to know whats going on around us as much as we do now think about it how often do you see news on your phone truth is its alot an even as a teen i see tons of news on mine

  • Don't make us bored

    Smart phones don't make us bored like books and all. Sometimes after reading books we may feel bored but if we are using a smart phones we doesn't feel bore.And if we talk about reading you all will say that it is better than using smart phones. But now a days we can read books in smart phone too.We get to know many things from smartphones .So, I want to say that smart phones are not breaking but making today's youth.

  • I think smart phones are making smarter

    Its because we are able to communicate with other people far off. We are able to hear sermons speeches without attending the specific function.We are also able to solve the Rubik cube without attending any classes.Also it helps us to order at many quick services without contacting them. So I conclude smartphones are better but it may have a bad use too ,because it only depends on how we utilise it.

  • Just the opposite.

    No, smartphones are not making us smarter. I think that smartphones are making us less smart than we would be without them. We have grown too reliant on technology and this has caused many of us to become extremely lazy. This is a big problem, I think, and I am no exception to the problem.

  • Smartphones are making us dumb.

    Have you ever been lost in a new city, trying to find a bus stop; your companion is standing in the middle of the sidewalk using the latest bus finding app on their smartphone? You both know you're close because you looked up the bus schedule earlier, but your aren't totally sure which side of the block and the street you should be standing on. While "smartphone" is totally oblivious to the world around them, you decide to look around and see that one of the streets is busier than the other. You also notice that several buses have already gone down that street. You decide to check it out. Sure enough there's a bus stop. You walk closer and see that it is the bus stop for your bus. You look back and see "smartphone" still poking at his screen and shout for them, "Hey, I found it!". True story, this happens to me all the time. I don't need a smart phone. I have foresight and common sense instead.

  • They're so distracting

    Studies show that we check our phones at least 150 times a day. That's at least 150 times you're keeping yourself from learning something new. 150 times you're exposing your brain to the harmful blue light of your phone. 150 times you could be going outside or making real life memories with friends or family. Yes, It is like a computer in your pocket, But that isn't exactly an ideal way of learning

  • Smartphones are helping us.

    Smartphones are making us dumber and helping us at the same time. Smartphones can help us navigate, learn new things, help us with math, English, science, robotics, art, physical education, (physical education) and many more things. That is my opinion in why smartphones are good and bad at the same time.

  • Whoever says smartphones are making us smarter plz think once again about it.........

    I'm a teenager and the only thing popular among us now a days is smart phones. Even i use it but now i'm starting to feel like i have no interest in my studies and so it was affecting my life so badly. So plz rethink on whether your smart phones are making u smarter or not.
    Thank You-

  • Smartphones are making us stubid

    I think the greatest advantage of smartphone is that smartphone can search for information so quickly.Do you solve many questions rely on smartphone?
    I most need to admit about the convenience of smartphone,but even though smartphone can search data quick;y,people always use smartphone without consider.
    If you don't got knowledge from smartphone inside to your brain,and believe everything from Internet,the smartphones are make us stupid.

  • They don't make us stupid.

    Smartphones do not make people dumb, they really just make people lazy. But they can also help you find out new information. Some things you can't find in a book. It can save you gas too, you can look online and see if a certain place has what you need instead of driving up there and wasting your gas.

  • No way hosay

    People cant focus when there thinking about social media i don't use social media only my email.Phones are killing us even though we can call our friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! 1 1! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! !! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! !! !! ! ! !

  • Shit ahit hoiwer

    Shit dfg v v v v v v v v v v v vv v vv v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v vv v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v

  • It depends, but I say no.

    I use my own smartphone for reading books and getting to know people with the same interests as me, plus everything in the world is increasing in technology anyway. Whether you like it or not, someday every company in the world will force you to use your smartphone or laptop to do your job. So deal with it.

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