• Yes, they are second-class.

    There is a negative correlation between smoking and intelligence. Smokers tend to be less intelligent than non-smokers. Even intuitively, this seems true, for an intelligent person would not accept the unnecessary health risks involved with smoking. One on the characteristics of low intelligence is an inability to comprehend the consequences of one's actions. In the case of smokers, they are unable to comprehend the negative health effects of smoking, particularly reduced life expectancy.
    Furthermore, smokers also harm bystanders. Second-hand smoke is a demonstrated carcinogen. Smokers harm not only themselves but also those around them. Smokers are a blight on society.

  • Not saying it's right, but that's how they are treated.

    Not all but many non-smokers (especially ex-smokers) have no problem at all with being rude and sometimes even hostile to a complete stranger with a cigarette. What gives someone the sense of entitlement to wag their finger in another adult's face, unless they feel that they are backed by the larger segment of society and thus are untouchable? Smoking has become a sign of ignorance, immorality and low character - a generalization that has make them their own group in society whose rights are easily trampled. Perhaps society just needs to have a group like that now and then so there can always be someone people can feel superior to.

  • They are second class citizens.

    They started smoking voluntarily, nobody forced it on them. And they just do not care about you. They chose a drug that affects everyone around them, even little children. Would you like your baby having to breath carcinogenic substances? There are over 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes. 51 of them are known to be carcinogenic. It is a fact that has been studied in depth. The smoke these dangerous things emit affects everyone around the smoker, they want it or not. Giving that they like to smoke inside when it is allowed, or just a single step outside the door when they are forced to go outside (which means the smoke still goes inside), we should treat them like second hand citizens. Smoking in public spaces should be forbidden. There are tobacco patches they can use while at work, to keep others from being affected by their drug of choice. And they can go back to their cigarettes while at home.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • What about the President?

    He smoked (smokes). So according to the other arguments, he isn't intelligent. What does that say about our country's intelligence? Gaddy food, carbonated drinks, emissions from cars, plastic bottles, popcorn, and many other things have been "proven" to cause cancer and disease as well. Should we ban those as well, or is that going too far because it impacts your quality of life? Not to mention that many liberal social programs are funded with taxes from tobacco sales. This socialistic country couldn't survive without tobacco users. You're welcome.

  • Smoking doesn't make you a lesser person

    We still have jobs and benefit society. We can still serve our country. We are citizens. Just because we put a cigarette in our mouths, doesn't make us less valuable. We are treated like second class citizens, but on paper we are not. If you think all smokers are second class citizens, I challenge you to find me just one person in history that you would consider to be a 1st class citizen, and I will show you at least 2 in the same class that or has smoked.

  • Why human race?

    Can we stop these pathetic ranks and just accept each other? We are all humans, so just get the fck over it because your, race, Nationality, Gender, or your personal habits do not judge your individuality. 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words 50 words!

  • They get promoted.

    Not in all jobs, but in many joining your boss for smoke breaks, is how to get promoted faster.

    Plus smokers are assured lots of extra breaks so they can give in to their drug habit, whereas a non-smoker is considered lazy if they want to take so many random breaks.

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Alexanderthegreat123 says2013-08-31T02:03:07.447
If they smoke cigars they are rich
if they smoke ciggirates they are poor