Are so many races and types of people as oppressed as they say they are.

  • Try being brown or black for a week

    I hear you. You get picked on by black people and by nasty women. That irritates you and you want to be left alone for a day.
    Now try being black or brown for a day.

    White people hide their children from you. I got lost one day and asked for direction and this lady thought I was going to mug her. You should have the seen the terror on her face. Cops are on my back and watch my every move. I drive under the speed limit and check my lights and signal every turn. The cops are looking for anything to stop me.

    White people think I want to steal from them and they seem to be less friendly with me. They think I lie and they never take my word. Sir do you have the money. I need to call my boss and make sure(She doesn't need to she just wants to get a male to check me out). Restaurants want me to pay and watch to see if I dine and dash.
    Or the conversations people have that they think I do not hear. Affirmative action. @$%#$%#. Up to no good.

    I don't care what white people think and my feelings are unhurt. I just want to be left alone and do not want to be constantly on guard. My biggest fear is being shot by some scared wimp with a gun.

    If you think you have it bad you know nothing.

  • I clicked yes, Because there is no way I'm agreeing with the wh*tes on this one. But I don't think I fully agree.

    How dare you speak on an experience you have never had? Ask yourself if this even is an issue concerning you. "Oppression" is a strong word, But just because Black people aren't legally enslaved anymore, Doesn't mean the society built around this culture of degrading non-White people has made it all easy for them. Black people are still getting shot for no reason without any formal system protecting them, Latin-Americans are still being pushed into degrading jobs etc. You might think the people of different races you frequently see are being treated the same as you, But in some way or another, They have experienced something negative you haven't, And it was based on how someone else perceived their race. So stop comparing your "oppression' to theirs, Because your issue was not because you were a White person, More likely an unfortunate occurrence. Also, Again, This isn't something anyone who isn't a part of those "races" can talk about. Their experiences are real and. Shouldn't be discredited by people who don't know the feeling of being a minority.

  • As a matter of fact, Yes.

    You can claim all you want that minorities just whine and twist the facts to make people fell bad for them, But I asuure you that is not anywhere near the truth. You can't tell people what their experience is in life. Every day, Minorities are killed just for being themselves. Until you walk a mile in those shoes, You can't truly understand how it is to live in that situation.

  • You have claimed oppression, But never really made a case for being opppressed.

    To the OP, You stated your feeling about what you believe some woman was thinking or your opinion of why someone called their manager, But none of your stories rise to the level of oppression. No one is preventing you from doing anything except you, Based on your own fears of what you perceive to be the fears of others. Maybe that woman was afraid of you. You can choose to be friendly and give her a good experience that will improve her outlook, Or you can perpetuate her fear by not giving her a counter-experience. That's just interacting with individuals. Being a human being. If you want to be left alone. Fine. I didn't hear anyone going out of their way to do anything that required your participation or sublimation. What are you on-guard about? Someone not liking you? People are disliked for a multitude of reasons everyday. If some totally heinous, Ugly girl, Tried to talk to you, Would you be overjoyed or would you, Just maybe, Judge her on her looks? Or, Are you gonna claim, So you don't have to concede a position, That you'd never judge a girl on her appearance? Lol.

    Oppression is not just some word. It has meaning and is a serious accusation. You should treat it accordingly.

  • Society isn't right

    Society acts like all negro people are mistreated for their race and that all women are mistreated for being a woman but really I'm a a white male and so all I ever hear is a negro person being racist to me or a woman calling all men pigs and unnecessary. Everyone is mistreated but to say that white men are just "normal" or oppressors then there needs to be some change.

  • We have a society

    We have a society that says that people if you're a white male you are instantly a racist. There is also a campaign called black lives matters. But why, Why do black people think the government hates them, Why do feminist think there is a wage gap.
    There is a law against both racism and wage gaps!

  • It's ok to be white

    Being a white female and being constantly bullied, Threatened and racially targeted by Maori and Pacific islanders (big fat girls) my whole time at school was awful, I had never really spoken to them before and didn't know why they hated me, Especially because I am only one small person and there's about 12 of those stinky Fuckers. They got away with most of it because they were "not white" so one day I bought a baseball bat with barbed wire wrapped around the 6 nails I hammered into it with a large sharpened nail at the end. . Needless to say, They never bothered me again. To this day, They think I'm going to kill them one by one. So I went from being a quiet mild person to a furious angry racist. Racist was the label I got lumped with after that. . Not to mention the attack on me by a brown male while I was asleep. I found out where he lives though.

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