Are "social justice" warriors an Identitarian cult?

  • Y e s.

    They say and support the most out lands things; including revise racism and sexism, minority superiority, the 76 gender thing, and affirmative action. They will label anyone who disagrees with them as racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, lying, intolerant, ignorant, stupid, hater neo Nazi who needs to be shut up.

  • They blindly follow far left Identitarian ideals.

    Social Justice Warriors (SJWs for short) have gained much infamy in America, particularly the internet, and for good reason. They consistently spew Marxist and leftist Identitarian rhetoric and ideals, and questioning said rhetoric and ideals is a crime to them. The definition of a cult outside of religious terms states that a cult is "a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing". This definition fits what a "Social Justice" warrior is perfectly, as the vast majority of them are obsessed with a person's identity (race, sex, religion, etc). Many make all judgements based solely on identity.

  • Seems like a foregone conclusion

    They label people as whatever they want based on the group they belong to, and label groups as oppressors or default oppressed. Privileged or not. This is the core of the marxist ideology, not to mention being racist/classist/etc. But they see their discrimination as justified, as some kind of noble discrimination.

    I had never thought to use the term identitarian cult, but it seems fitting.

  • New type of Hippies

    These guys and gals are serious cunts to be reckoned with.
    They say they believe in free speech and the civil rights while labeling anyone who disagree with them as racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, ignorant,...
    They say the society they live in is unfair and they want to change the world while all they do are complaining, protest, and talk shit about politicians.
    They say that the minority, women, lgbt,... Should be given equal rights while completely ignore the fact that all human have the same rights.
    They say corporations are evil while ignore the fact that without them there would be no job for the poor.

  • Consistent repeated fallacies

    SJW's consistently mistake privilege with supremacy. Privilege isn't necessarily bad, but I can agree that racial supremacy is bad....This movement has irritated many "privileged" people and is causing supremacy to form in the wake of racism against falsely accused supremacists, who are often impoverished themselves. I think you can see cults, by the fact that when faced with a tricky argument, they often turn to labelling or silencing insteading of seeking truth or middle ground. First sign of a cult in my eyes.

  • Yes, and more importantly, they're violent

    SJWs do not believe in the fundamental ideals of free speech, civil liberties, and respect for the rule of law. They think everything in America should change because they are "triggered." In addition, they used Saul Alinsky like tactics to get their way. SJWs believe that the ends justify the means, and if they have to punch you to shut you up, they most certainly will.
    That, debate.Org viewers, is purely un-American and reflects the nature of a brainwashed cult.

  • I feel like I'm waking up from a dream

    I think I got absorbed into the SJW cult because I'm transgender, and they initially stood up for me. I was willing to overlook a lot just to have someone on my side. Gradually, however, they built up an official transgender doctrine that you were obligated to believe, lest you be labeled something bad or banned from an internet forum. It got crazier and crazier to the point that they're now denying biological sex. People without gender dysphoria are identifying as "nonbinary," seemingly because of an insane ideology rather than having real gender identity issues. Many of these nutcases want to completely demedicalize being transgender, as in getting rid of insurance coverage for real transgender people who aren't just trendy snowflakes with dyed hair. The trendy snowflakes have taken over the movement, and transsexuals like me are now marginalized within our own movement. They call us "truscums." Google it. Also, Google "Tumblr genders," but be sure to have a barf bag. I hate these idiots.

    Over the course of my experience in the SJW world, I felt like I had to walk on eggshells and choose my words very carefully. There were tests of loyalty such as, "If you don't do something about this, then you're part of the problem." They put your moral character on a never-ending trial so that if you want to be a good person, you'll do what they want. I've heard people compare the idea of privilege to original sin. The SJWs do invoke it to say that it obligates you to act, or else you're complicit in social injustice. To leave the cult, I had to get comfortable being hated, and I'm supposedly one of their precious token minorities.

  • They aren't a cult

    SJWs, whether you love them, hate them or aren't bothered by them, they aren't a cult in the traditional sense. I have faith with google so let's go, the defintion -at least the one provided by a quick search- is, and I quote, "A system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object", now, I personally see them as a bane in society and not the way to achieve equality, which has been achieved legally but not truly socially, but that is a whole new argument.

  • Limits or eliminates fubdamental rights.

    It suffers from enantiodromia and only supports those measures that restrict or take away human rights in the name of human rights. It is the unfettered ego projecting physical objectifying onto all endeavors spiritual. It restricts the growth of consciousness. Efforts such as these put Gallileo ubder house arrest, resisted Copernicus and caused Newton to write backwards as they are anti-intellectual. Beware the Dark Ages, witch burnings and thumb screws to follow.

  • I don't recall enlisting myself into a cult

    I definitely have views that align quite a bit more with the left. I consider myself to be an SJW, and I'm proud to be so. I don't see anything wrong with what I do and say to defend the rights of those who don't have enough political power to fight for their own rights. There is definitely crazy extremists in every group of people, but all of you are forming a generalization against yet another group of people based on the extreme rhetoric expressed by only a few. Do I think all of you are racist, sexist, homophobic, etc...? Not necessarily... Some of you might be, but I don't personally know you nor do I understand anything about how you might have been raised to possess whatever views you may have. I have a voice, and a big one at that, so I find it very important to use my voice to help those who don't have a voice. I am also very privileged. I am a white, cisgendered male that comes from an upper-middle class family. Instead of ignoring my privilege and living in denial, I would much rather use my privilege to help those who haven't been given that same societal advantages that I have. While I don't ever assume that one is prejudiced at first glance, I think I can decipher one's views based on just a few sentences. I do stand up to those with conservative social views, because what you may refer to as communism is what I call equality. Literal communism has proven to be flawed as it never works out as it is planned to. However, the textbook definition of social communism is not a negative thing. If you were a minority, you would want to be treated like the majority as well. If that makes me part of an Identitarian cult, I apologize, but I'm not going to change my views because some conservatives on the internet disagree with me.

  • You're kidding, right?

    No one "attacks" anyone. They simply want to make a point that all lives matter. The Yes side is just twisting words. They never said they supported any of this. Sharman said people got immediately labeled. But it's true! If someone says feminism shouldn't be a thing, then they're sexist!!! Okay??? Is that not clear? They aren't trying to bring the other side down, they try to educate the other side because for some reason, racism, sexism, all that stuff is still a thing!!!

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