Are social media cause more harm than video game to the society ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Yes it's important to know

    Since there were many bully and school shooter we need to know what cause those problems.So people should devote whetever yes or no. I just want to collect the opinion from people. Maybe we can solve problem through together and make the society in a better place. I my opinion i think social network cause more harm than video games because social media promote bully behavior. Since the internet generation bully in school tend to increase dramatically.

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Episteme says2015-04-04T20:29:24.353
This isn't really a yes or no answer is it? Unless it's social media causes more harm as being (yes) and video games cause more harm as being (no).

Anyway, what do you mean by social media? In many ways this very website is a form of social media - and it can provide really fascinating debates to a bunch of annoying trolls scouring the internet. In a different way, video games don't cause harm in that the mere act of playing it won't alter your mind to the extent that you'll forget what's real and what's fake - but in excess it might cause other problems within society.
stephannoi says2015-04-05T14:20:28.473
This is a debate. In this debate you should compare social media with video games. And devote if social media cause more harm devote (yes) and in oppisite devote (no). Well as you see many kids bully others through social media. I just want you to give positive/negative effect about social media and positive/negative effect about video game. And compare those effect . Which one cause more negative effect ? And what cause more behavior problems? I understand it's not really a yes or no answer but it is more likely a comparison. Maybe if we find out we can tell the research and solve the society problem. It would be better if we reduce bullying and school shooting.That's why it's important to find the answer.
stephannoi says2015-04-05T15:52:12.100
I play video game as well. I play both violent and non violent but i never have behavior problems. Also in my country,it's not neccessary to make regulation on video game because almost everyone can handle it except kids and mental ill people they can't. But kids should not play any kind of games anyway. Also in my country parent don't let kids play violent video until they grow up as a teenager they allow to play violent video games. In my country i don't see any school shooting occur. But i am quite wondering why america can't handle with video games? Why school shooting occur? And why many people have behavior problem from video game ? I don't want to insult american people but i am just wondering why? I have seen so many bully in school and school shooting. And people tend to blame on video game for these cause. Well i am pretty worried. I think america should solve problems about school shooting soon. It's become more dangerous. It would be the best if school shooting never happen again. For example Adam lanza play video game and shoot innocent people in sandy hook school. I hate that idiot guy. He should go to hell.