Are social network sites a positive influence in a teenager's life?

  • It is a good influence on teenagers

    I believe social networking is important as because it makes connecting to people easier. Teens get to know the various situations which they might have to face in future as they learn from their as well as other's experiences. Also it updates the vocabulary of the teens with words that have been newly added to dictionaries.

  • Yes they are.

    Social network sites are a good influence on a teenagers life because it allows them to keep in touch with friends and feel like they are still able to socialize and spend time together without actually having to leave the house. That is good so they can do homework but still goof off with friends.

  • Yes more social

    Social networks are a big change from socializing of old but they are part of the socializing of today. Social networks can help a teenage to socialize and make friends. If they are not on a social network they will likely fall behind socially from friends that are on sites.

  • Yes i agree

    There are many advantages.Get connected to far living friends, share moments through networking sites, discuss important social topics get connected with your teachers and have talk regarding your studies, share your experiences, get to know of whats going in world and share your opinions.So they are positive. So enjoy sites

    Posted by: ipk
  • It's too addicting

    Teens on social network have been constantly on it all day long and really don't focus much in the real world. If you haven't realized, more social networking programs are being produced constantly...(except for the ones that are still used today) In fact, social networking affects most teens in behavioral changes, which its not a good thing... They socialize more by internet rather than by person, and since they don't socialize by person, on networking they can say what they really want to say and cause issues afterwards... I believe this is where drama can mostly start. So it's really destroying people's heads with all of this social network addiction

  • They are not.

    Social network sites are not a positive influence in a teenager's life. They are more of a negative influence then anything else. There is a ton of cyber bullying that are very damaging to a teenager's self esteem. This is only one of the many negative things that come with social media.

  • Makes Things More Complicated

    Since teens usually get on the computer before learning the lessons about social media, I would say in general, it is not a positive influence. It is another thing that teens must learn to use responsibly. I believe it causes more problems for teens because they aren't sure what is and what is not appropriate on line and they have to learn it through trial and error.

  • No. i do not believe social network sites are a positive influence in a teenager's life.

    No. i do not believe social network sites are a positive influence in a teenager's life, because it encourages narcissistic behavior in a teenager. It is also unsafe. There are a lot of predators on those social networking sites that target teenagers. Posting where you are, and what your doing is extremely dangerous.

  • No, social networking websites can be a negative influence on teens.

    Social networking for any age can be highly stressful. Many adults would even admit to being green with envy when reading friends' stats, and inflating their own lives when they post. For teens, there can be even more pressure to fit in, and social networking sites can increase that feeling. Additionally, these websites can be unsafe. Over-sharing about their lives can lead their peers to cyberbully them, and they may allow people in their networks who they don't know.

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ipk says2013-11-22T13:59:17.987
Yes it has many advantages. You met your very old friend ask his presence on a particular site and get connected. You live in different place or even country and you attended a event and wanted to share the moment with one of your siblings living far. Just send huge amount of photos videos through networking site .Enjoy!!