Are social networking sites a major distraction from education: Is social networking a great distraction from education?

  • Its distracting in and out of class

    I'm a student and I know that social media effects my education. It's not like I don't do well in my classes since I'm not allowed to have anything less than a B-, but social media makes homework take longer and even if I'm not on it in class, I still am distracted when I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket.

  • If you are on social media you have to check up on other people.

    If you are on Snap-chat you would want to check people stories or what they send to you. You just can't wait till the end of the day or till class is over. Or if you get a text you just want to reply to it instead of ignoring it like the teachers tell you to do.

  • Major distraction in class

    People all around me in class go on social media when the teacher is not looking. I found that when they start checking social media they don't get off until the end of class and think why they don't do well in tests. Social media is a major problem in and out of class.

  • Takes twice as long to do homework

    Many students get distracted when they use social media. This cause the students to take twice as long to do their homework. When they check their phone once there is no turning back. You get distracted by what you see and forget you have to do homework. Reading group chats distract you from getting homework done because you want to focus on that more than you homework

  • It is proved with science.

    People can't really concentrate on their work when they cared too much about what the others are texting online. It also has problems with multitasking. When doing homeworks, some people just peek at what others are texting and get off track. They won't be able to multitask with social medias.

  • Social Networking Takes Times

    I believe that in ways, social networking does distract from education. I believe as young people start to use these platforms they have a hard time setting an appropriate amount of usage, many over use the social networking site either part of the time or all of the time. I believe when social networking become obtrusive to class rooms, then it does distract from education. There are adults who can't get on a computer without checking their Facebook, but can you imagine the urge as a teenager, when all feelings are amplified.

  • Social Networks Distract from Education

    In many ways, social media distracts students from their education. Plenty of students spend triple the amount of time on social media sites than they do focused on school. Such a trend needs to be reversed because social media is hurting our nation's education. We need to stop this trend at all costs.

  • Only if used in the classroom.

    Social networking, like any other activity not related to the lesson plan, does not belong in the classroom. It's definitely a distraction and not something that benefits the student. However, if we're talking about a distraction in a general sense, then no, I don't think it is. Just let them do it between classes.

  • It is not

    It isn't because can help children socialise and myself I am a child and I have social media and I think it's definitely a benefit because children can find the same interests and it's super helpful when you need to ask someone something and they don't have messages but they have social media dms

  • It is not.

    Social networking sites are not a major distraction from education. It is something that is normally done after school, and if it is becoming a problem, then parents need to get involved and stop their kids from using it. In school, they are not allowed to access these type of sites.

  • Social networking sites are not a major distraction from education.

    Social networking sites are not a major distraction from education. There is a lot to learn from being able to socialize with anyone no matter where they are in the world. I think that kids are allowed to keep up with their friends and make new ones anytime that they want. It is a great way to learn about other parts of the world.

  • Social networking sites are not a major distraction from education.`

    Social networking sites are not a major distraction from education.Social networking sites are just as bad or good as the user makes them.They are neither good or evil.Its up to the user to put them to good use and they can definitely be good tools in the pursuit of any level of education.

  • No, when social networks are used well they can contribute to learning.

    Most people learn about some news through their social networks, which can be a very educational experience. Teachers can use social networks to contribute to learning. They can offer debates and assignments, or encourage students to evaluate a friends' status or statement for accuracy, which encourages critical thinking and research skills.

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