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  • Technology will lead the future

    In my opinion, social networking sites are good for children because they will be able to learn about technology and how they work. Especially in this age where technology is rapidly evolving. If children are exposed to this first, then they will get be able to get a head start on others and be able to better their future. Also, there are also online jobs that children can do when they grow up and become knowledgeable about technology.

  • Yes, they can learn about the world.

    Yes, social networking sites are good for children, because they allow children to learn how computers work. Technology is so important in today's society. If children are willing to learn computers by engaging in social networking, that is a good way to get them interested in computers. This is no different than enjoying Harry Potter books as a way to learn reading.

  • Social Networking Not For Children

    I do not believe social networking sites are good for children. Children need sites designed specifically for them and should not be on the same social networking sites that adults use. It is difficult to screen content for children in regular social networking sites and even more difficult to keep track of their activities.

  • Social networking is bad for children

    Letting young children adventure towards networking site is terrible because it leads to many dangerous things. This mainly leads to some form of bullying that is formed on the internet in social networks. Having young kids bullied through internet at an early age decreases their happiness and shortens their life span. In a overview, I believe that social networking is terrible for children

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