Are social networking sites making children social?

  • Social networking sites are making children social.

    Social networking sites are making children social. The whole point of these sites are for everyone to make friends and stay in touch with the ones they already have. I think it is important for kids to be able to get on the Internet and be able to stay in touch with people.

  • Social networking sites are making children social.

    Social networking sites are making children social.It enables children that might be shy or have other social issues to communicate with others in a non-threatening environment.Without facing possible rejection face to face the socially immature person can learn to socialize right on the internet with people throughout the world or even their own neighborhood.

  • Millenials Are More Social

    I believe social networking are making children more social. I believe they are also redefining what it means to be social in the world. I believe our children will understand socialization much differently than current generations. As a 7 year old, my son desires to get on the computer and gaming consoles and interacting with other players. It's actually quite interesting to note all of the differences technology has made, especially during childhood.

  • Yes, of course.

    I don't really understand the opinion here. I mean of course it's making them more social, it is called *social* networking for a reason. I think it's because kids feel more comfortable talking over text, because it doesn't get as awkward. In text you don't have to reply right away, but if you're really talking then it tends to get a bit awkward if you try to think of something to say.

  • Yeah it does

    If given facebook accounts, children are going to socialize and talk with other people all over the globe. But if you supervise the child and put restrictions up, they wont do as much as they would if the restrictions are not up.So yeah.That is what will happen.I would end it here, but the 50 word limit wont let me

  • Social Networks Not Good for Kids

    Too much social networking has a negative impact upon the average person's life. We cannot replace in-person interactions completely with social media connections. Without a doubt, doing so has negative effects on our minds and bodies. We lose the ability to interact with people face-to-face, which is a major problem.

  • They are not.

    Social networking sites are not making kids more social, If anything they are doing just the opposite, and making them less social. Most kids today have no idea on the proper way to communicate with another person face to face, and this poses to be a serious problem in the future.

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