• Social networks are enhancing communication.

    Social networks are enhancing
    communication. When I want to check on
    an emerging news story, my first destination used to be Google. Nowadays, I skip Google altogether and go
    straight to twitter. Sometimes, I will
    have the whole story from twitter before I can find one legitimate post on Google. Social media is great.

  • No, social networks are not enhancing communications.

    Social networking allows you to keep tabs on a lot of people at the same time with little effort. On the surface this appears to be providing more communication among friends and peers. It has lead to a lot less face to face communications and relationship building. Further adding to the social network trend is that employers are looking at their employees social networking in order to "police" their employees from doing things that would be bad for the company image. This has lead to people sharing a lot less of their personal life on social networks. So establishing that less face time with friends and also less shared experiences on social networks due to concerns on viewership, is leading to less true communication amongst friends and families.

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