Are social skills are the most important skills to learn?

Asked by: InfraFred
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  • Critical Thinking is the Most Important

    Social skills are great and important. But without critical thinking you may be a social butterfly who goes along with the next Hitler with a smile on your face. You may not only be able to be polite when people in social circles are too into mundane intellectually void things, you may buy into it and go along with it at heart and waste your mind.

    This overemphasis on social skills and humans as "social beings" worries me. There's something to be said for independence, individuality, and thinking for yourself. Something to be said for having your own interests and goals and pursuing them. Knowing how to get along with others is important but knowing oneself and making up your own mind on things is priceless.

    Humans are "social beings" but this is overemphasized. Human beings are also beings that have their own minds and each makes a unique life for him or herself.

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