• Socialism and Communism is good!

    Our views on the environment: One of our main slogans is "People and Nature Before Profits." We are for developing policy that provides for a sustainable economy and a sustainable ecology. Where possible, we participate in environmental movements, and recognize and work on the environmental aspects of struggles on the shop floor and in unions. We oppose drilling in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge and we oppose the use of nuclear power until there is a safe way to dispose of waste (and if there is no safe way, don't use nuclear power at all). We fight against subjecting workers to untested new chemical compounds with unknown health consequences, currently being introduced at the rate of 3,000 or 4,000 new compounds each year. We support the use of sustainable forest practices, which also are more labor intensive, creating new jobs and job retraining for laid-off lumber workers. We seek to build unity between the environmental movement and other important movements: the labor, civil rights, women's, youth, peace, and immigrant rights movements, to name a few. To build a better world, we must have a world to build on. The greatest environmental threat is that of nuclear war. We are for complete disarmament and for the destruction of all nuclear weapons. There was environmental damage in the former socialist countries. Some of that was due to their efforts at forced industrialization, which put the environmental dangers of such development low on their list of priorities. A related problem was that in adopting machinery and industrial processes from advanced capitalist countries, they unintentionally adopted the capitalist economic realities embedded in the machinery and processes. In other words, capitalist industrial development is based on not having to pay the costs for most of the waste products it generates. When socialist countries used that as a model to develop their own industry, they ended up with the same skewed industrial waste model. But please go to my PDF and read everything; http://goo.Gl/VMKUPu

  • Communism is the next stage in human civilization.

    Communism is to capitalism what capitalism is to slavery.

    If you people would see slaves in a modern country you would get outraged, wouldn't you? People has achieved the social contract to not to let any human to own another, as it protects everyone from slavery.

    The same way, some day (hopefully) people will get outraged If someone has the privilege to own big farmlands, factories or hotels, and to impose a tax on everyone who makes an useful work there.

    REFORMED capitalism ended up becoming more productive than slavery because a big portion of the workforce was allowed to have an higher education, that made sciences and engineering to advance faster. Following the comparison, If we ever achieve communism there will be less obstacles for the lower class people to get to college (less economic pressure, compulsory grants, etc.).

  • Communism is good, when put in to practice by unsuitable persons, then no.

    It failed in so many places because of the leaders. They were in charge of a communist nation and abused their power. Worked pretty well in Cuba and Uganda..! People are scared by communism because to them it means change, it threatens to alter the lifestyle they have known for so long, and for most people the idea of a different way of life to that extend is unthinkable.

  • Socialism and Communism are good, if done properly.

    Forget people like Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Kim il Sung - they have not created an ideal Communist society.
    Socialism and Communism go together, and believe in a CLASSLESS, and STATELESS society, so to say "Communism is horrible, look at USSR under Stalin, China, Vietnam, and North Korea! All evil!!" is ridiculous. They all had states and had dictators ruling over the people, where Communism believes in the people (all of the population) ruling the country.
    The argument that many anti-Communists make that "Communism puts slave chains on people, and destroys freedom", this is untrue also. Karl Marx talked about that freedom for people is an utmost goal for Socialism and Communism to work.

    People need to stop looking at Stalin, Mao, and the others as people who helped bring Communism in this world, they brought a Fascist-like "Communist" totalitarian ruling in this world that killed millions of people.
    We need people to educate themselves with what Communism really is, and not just things that dictators like Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Kim il Sung, etc did.

  • Communism is peaceful.

    I believe that eastern block states were not real communist and they didn't show the reality of the communism it's better that I say they distorted communism. Soviet union committed many war crimes, terror and assassination.Throbbing was ruling in eastern block . West always want to show communism as a harmful and anti humanity ideology But it's not communism we must know communism reality.

  • Simply it is better

    Till the time communism is the most advanced political idea ever. It produces an economical equality, produces job for all, so food for all, home for all. But you get work according to your merit and effort. In the idea of communism public are the owners of every company, thus profit is for the country. Every small farmer has given agricultural land. What he cultivates is for the public/country. It is like a will for country. This cannot match the idea of capitalism because in the idea of socialism there is no reason for robbing, theft or gangs. Because everyone has almost the equal amount of money. But everyone works hard under themselves for a better life. Thus all the people has that will towards a better life. Thus the country goes towards a better life.

  • A great Idea, In a bad world

    Communism itself is a great idea. Getting rid of classes and sharing the wealth of the population. The problem is, today's mindset is "we want stuff, more stuff". If we were to have one government that watched over the entire world we would be able to get much farther. Think of it, if the whole world shares it's resources, we would be able to advance in technology. We wouldn't have to waste so much materials on printing money. Finally we wouldn't have wealthy people just because they have a company.

  • I support socialism, not communism.

    I feel that socialism is a logical balance point between anarcho-capitalism and communism. Both extremes are harmful to society. The only way I differ from socialism is on taxation. I support a flat income tax. Other than that, I am 100% for socialism. Just enough regulation to help the people, and just enough freedom for individuality. The type of socialism I support is democratic socialism, the kind imposed by a Constitutional majority vote, for the record.

  • Communism is peaceful.

    I believe that soviet union was unsuccessful in introducing communism to the world, moreover they distorting communism and destroy communism reputation, because of these most of people of the world know it as ideology of terror and throbbing but reality is another, we must refer to Marx's texts and read them again to understand what's the reality of communism.

  • It Benefits Humanity As A Whole

    Yes Communism and Socialism are good! Sure Communism has failed but under two ruthless dictators it's not surprise! Communism works best with a council or a non-corrupt leader in power as for Socialism just take 1 look at most Top 10 Country charts and you'll see a lot of socialist countries like Norway, Sweden and Finland appear all of which follow a socialist government.

  • Socialism and communism do not work.

    The principle of socialism and communism is that there should be a governing elite that makes all the important economic decisions in society. The "people" are supposed to be making the decisions, but there are a thousand times too many decisions for any elected body to make, and if they were all voted upon a negligible percent would be qualified to make the decision. Inevitably a ruling elite and an unreachable bureaucracy are empowered. This always fails. The history of the Twentieth Century involves dozens of socialism experiments that failed. They always violate individual freedom to make economic choices and they always lead to economic ruin.

  • The concept is wrong.

    Many say the concept is good on paper... I say no.

    The concept takes away the power of the individual and individual responsibility. Everything is for the Society, rather you like that or not. This isn't okay.

    The only good systems are the one's based on choices. I can choose to help you, I can choose to give to the poor, I can choose to donate to the homeless.. Cruel? At times... Free? More so. They say Democracy leads to Socialism and Communism... I say greed and a disregard for personal property and personal rights leads to Socialism and Communism. Not the greed of the wealthy, but the greed of the poor, which is just a bad on a personal level, but much worse on a national level (because the it doesn't take a large percent of the poor population to outnumber the wealthy.)

    I'll live for me, you live for who ever you want to, and that's good. Freedom = Choices. The choice to give to society, not the requirement to.

  • Absolutely no good.

    There is an old cliche which I believe sums up the difference between Socialism (in all its various forms) and Capatalism: A socialist looks at a giant house with an expensive car parked out front and a pool around back and says, "That's outrageous! Nobody should live like that." The capitalist looks at the same house and says, "Everyone should live like that."

    Of course neither dream is realistic. But the difference is Socialism brings everyone down to the same level except for a few lucky elites who maintain a status the worker can never hope to achieve while in Capitalism it is possible for anyone to reach that status if they are willing to take risks and work their butt off. There are myriad other differences but I think this highlights the most important one.

  • Socialism and Communism lead to economic disaster

    The problem with socialism and communism is that the government will eventually run out of other people's money. When capitalism is applied, and taxes are reduced, even the common people will have ore money to spend which they will end up using in some form or another, which will give more money to the businesses which will make more job opportunities when the businesses are able to expand which will give people even more money to spend, and the government ends up taking in even more money than they would have with the higher taxes. Socialism and communism always lead to revolution and disaster for the country. Look at the soviet union, or nazi Germany, or China. Their countries are in social, economical, religious, and military turmoil. The US was once the greatest nation of all time but it is rapidly declining into socialism and decadence. A capitalistically minded president is what we need to bring our country back.

  • Socialism and Communism lead to ruin

    In every attempt made, Socialism and Communism have led to despotic dictatorships and ruined economies. Small-scale Socialism, such as the tax system that we have in the United States, is beneficial, but hardly Socialist/Communist.

    Communism has, is, and always will be the front of dictators and other heathens. All you need to do is look at Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Lenin, and Trotsky.

  • No, it is not.

    If there is no rich and poor, then NOBODY would be willing to work. I would support a high tax rate, as its success has been proven by history and many first world countries today, but personal responsibility would go out the window. Things such as socialized medicine or public transportation are brilliant ideas, but hard work must be rewarded through monetary gain.

  • Communism takes away the dreams and aspirations of the people it rules over.

    Communism is built on the idea of a classless system where everyone is an equal to his neighbor. The problem with this system is a citizen under communist rule has no motivation to advance or to achieve a greater calling in his/her life. For example, if you were to look at the economy of Cuba, Venezuela, or North Korea you would notice that they are still stuck in the 1950's, far behind any capitalistic nation. When a communist government takes away the aspirations and motivation to advance, the people of that nation as a whole becomes less productive.

  • What's the pointing of working hard if you'll be paid the same amount regardless?

    I fail to see how good, honest, hard working people get paid the same amount as lazy, arrogant, spiteful, argumentative people who do nothing apart from the bare minimum.
    In socialism and communism, everyone is believed to be equal, therefore they are rewarded equally. This is extremely unfair because some people deserve to be rewarded more than others.
    What's the point in putting extra effort in and suggesting new ideas if you're just going to get paid as much as your coworker who's always slacking off?

  • Communism is a next step of socialism, both which would never work

    Unless you're trying to push the economy right on the political spectrum, a socialist country will become communist. But the idea of communism won't and can't exist because it's just a matter of time before the whole economic system either corrupted or move to capitalism. In a Marxist society, everyone is stated equal. So that would take away people's incentive to work hard. Albert Einstein and Stephan Hawking are treated equally as someone who can't remember their phone number. A farmer would try his bare minimum, creating the lowes quality product and sell them to other people, since he's going to receive the same wages from the government as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking anyway. Also, in a communist state, everybody is working for the government, which led to absolutely no choices for anybody. Children would grow up being what the state what them to be, not being what the or their parents want them to be. If the country need more farmers, you're going to be one of them. If society keeps going on like that, there would eventually led to a revolution. That's why a communist state just can't exist permanently

  • Depends. To me? No.

    Lets start by excluding communism. No one really likes it.
    So lets get right to Socialism. The things socialism achieves is more equality (not necessarily freedom), more government assistance to the poor via the rich, and more government intervention. So if the independent state's goal is forced equality across the board, then socialism is a step in the right direction. The major downfalls of socialism is a lack of freedom, hurts economic growth, and lessens general public opinion and happiness. So if thats what you want, then you're probably voting YES on this poll.
    If you're asking me? Id rather not have the government hand me a little bit of freedom and a fail safe, without opportunity for growth. Let me start from the bottom, get my hands dirty and carve out my own future, and if its not bright and successful and how i want it, then thats my fault: you won't hear me cry for government help. Give me the freedom to make a name for myself. Better yet, let me fight for my freedom, and then after I've earned it ill put it to damn good use and make something for myself, without a bunch of paper pushers from DC handing it out to me!!!
    But thats just me. U! S! A!

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Bullish says2013-08-16T18:15:26.127
It's a system that depends heavily on context. There is no objective way to claim it's "good" or "bad". Quit jumping the gun.
DebateTime says2013-08-17T00:28:19.050
Bullish, I couldn't have disagreed more buddy ;) lol.
DebateTime says2013-08-17T00:29:25.260
Bullish, though you are slightly right, but again you are not right, I actually know what I'm talking about, on the other hand you seem to fail at what I'm talking about, but that's ok, it's simply freedom of speech. :) God love communism and socialism! X
Quan says2013-08-19T19:10:55.470
Maybe if you consider all of your citizens being equally poor and unproductive a good thing.