Are socialist values becoming more strong in current society?

Asked by: Evannnn
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  • There are no universal "socialist values".

    Contrary to popular misconception, there are very few specific "socialist" values aside from the same general values shared with classical liberalism - Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. That being said, socialist values have included a tendency to favor a scientific approach to understanding society, some going so far as to being technocratic; on the other hand, some are "ethical socialists" who advocate socialism based on subjective values.

    The only relevant questions we can ask is whether or not Americans are becoming disillusioned with capitalism (private ownership) and are favoring socialism (social ownership) of most of the economy. The resounding answer to these questions is NO; while Americans have certainly become more disillusioned with unregulated capitalism, there is no evidence suggesting they are disillusioned with private property and are favoring collective property in its place.

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