• They totally are!

    They are easily cheap enough now that most home-owners in the south (west, central and east) can install them on their roofs and recoup their investment very quickly and even make money off of them in the long run. Even without a bunch a tax credits. Right now, because of politically hate and the big oil and coal companies trying to not loose their foot hold, people have no idea how really cost effective these are!

  • Lose more than you earn!

    Solar panels, as tempting and luring as it might be, is simply fooling you with it's advantages. True that the solar panel is a renewable energy. As far as we are concerned, solar panel will provide you with unlimited energy. But what we are forgetting here is that solar panel installation will also provide you with continuation of expenses. Unlike what the other side proposed, solar panel, in fact, is very expensive to install. People who get solar panel most likely have debts, believing that solar panels will save their energy costs. But these hopes are sadly disproved by the data. Possessing a solar panel in fact will increase your heating bill by 220 percent. More than 100 percent. This is bizarre. You eventually pay more. Or as Dailymotion puts it, "...One day happiness and satisfaction results in disaster."

    Surely solar panels can appeal tempting, but as time flows, remember, your wallet will become even more hungrier! Losing money won't help the economy.

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