• Yes they are.

    Some claim that because they fought on the wrong side, that they would not be heroes. This is not the case, even they put their lives on the line for the lives of others.

    Some of you claim that they may do it for selfish reasons like fame. If they put their lives at high risk, they understand that it could likely end in their death. Sure, they would have some form of parade in their honor but it is likely that instead of sitting in a convertible, they would be laying down in a hearse.

    Some others claim that it is only because of their training. Though training helps condition a person to be more successful as a soldier, and instills confidence. The fact that they signed up in the first place, knowing that they will be risking their lives makes them a hero.

    As far as the speculation that they may just join because they are homicidal, often these people are excluded because of they would be less likely to conform to military training.

  • Soldiers as well as men and women who choose to serve the public ares GENERALLY heroic.

    There are many exceptions to this. But as a whole, I believe soldiers are heroic. They are choosing to dedicate their lives to their country despite countless other (likely more enjoyable) options. Soldiers put their lives on the line for their country and their brothers in arms. They are trained to fight for their fellow men, not just for themselves. That selflessness is why i deem soldiers heroic. Like I said, generally.

  • Not all soldiers are heroes

    I think anyone willing to give up their one and only life for the sake of another or others is a hero to be proud of. Not every soldier acts like a hero, but I do think that their are enough willing to give up their life for each other or their family (whether to bring their family money or just because they want to fight for their freedom) that they should be considered heroes.

    Some are only doing their jobs or just so happen to like the occupation, but it would be wrong to say that soldiers in general are not heroes.

  • Yes, they are unselfish

    They risk everything for the benefit of people in their country. The very definition of a hero is someone who puts others ahead of themself. Soldiers all over the world fight and die for their country so the citizens can live in peace and happiness. That in itself is very heroic.

  • Soldiers are heroes

    Whenever a person becomes a soldier, they sign a contract payable up to death to defend the nation versus all enemies. If that is not heroic in itself, I don't know what is.

    The troops do what they are told, and I support the troops. The troops are not robbers. They serve the country to defend our lives so we don't have to fight

  • These People help defend our country

    These people give up their lives to help us be safe. These people try to make the world the world a better place, and maybe a more peaceful place (violence can eventually lead to peace). They try their best to defend our rights and should be respected for their valiant efforts.

  • Yeah bruh mate

    They are great role models and should be considered soldiers because they are mad lads and so on. Bruh just give em some free grog and let kick back and have a sesh with the boys. They save our country and so on. All the mad eshay lads bruh be chilling.

  • Yes they are

    They are fighting for what they believe in, They're fighting for their freedom. They fight not because they hate what's in from to them, But because they love what's behind them. They fight for their family and friends' right to freedom. They put themselves on the line for what they love. If anything that is the most heroic and selfless act that there is.

  • Soldiers care enough about other people to risk their lives for them.

    I have a good friend who lives in a military base. Her husband is part of the military and barley gets to see his family because he is gone for long periods of time. He doesn't fight so that he gets better pay or so he and his family live in a good town. He fights because it is the right thing to do and he wants to protect the citizens of America and make it a better place. I see my friend lonely sometimes. Her husband is probably lonelier. But they are willing to pay the price of loneliness so that other people may live with happy lives and live in luxury and be safe from terrorists. After all, The marine saying is "we don't shoot because we hate what is in front of us, It's because we love what we have left behind".

  • Yes they are!

    They risk their lives in order to fight for their country and family. They go through terrible atrocities of a war which may result in them getting shell shocked. They starve on a battlefield and when captured by the enemy they must endure the torture. They fight to ensure the independence of their country

  • Of course not.

    A soldier is a person who kills people he doesn't know, for reasons he doesn't understand, on the orders of people he doesn't respect. A soldier's entire duty is to kill on command. He obeys orders regardless of whether he agrees with them, and may only disobey if they're 'unlawful'.

    Soldiers may claim that they are heroic, because of their selflessness; a soldier's job puts their life at risk. This claim ignores the fact that soldiers kill for a living, which is a pretty selfish thing to do. I know if I were the one killed, I would take offence. And even soldiers who don't kill, themselves, are part of an organization which exists solely for that purpose. Each soldier is guilty of the collective actions of the army he joins.

    A soldier is either immoral 'My country, right or wrong', or he is a poor example of a soldier. Deserters are 'traitors', conscientious objectors are 'cowards', etc. The proof of this immorality is the perennial complaint of soldiers: PTSD. Post-traumatic stress disorder is not caused primarily by the stress of danger, but that of killing. There is a strong aversion to killing that nearly all people possess (and only psychopaths lack), which makes the act of killing deeply traumatic. Soldiers are traumatized by killing BECAUSE THEY KNOW IT IS WRONG.

    The proof that this is the true cause of PTSD is that medical corpsmen, who serve with the infantry, and experience the same dangers, suffer a fraction of breakdowns that infantrymen do. The reason is simple: their job is save lives, rather than take them. Similarly, naval and air force personnel, even in World War 2, when they suffered the same casualty rates as their army and Marine counterparts, were less prone to psychological problems. Again, the explanation is simple: soldiers and Marines actually see their victims, while sailors and airmen 'just operate machinery'.

    The least heroic thing about soldiers is that no matter how many murders they've committed, they refuse any responsibility for it. "I was following orders" and all that. Or they claim they were defending themselves "It was either him or me", while ignoring the fact that in nearly every case (assuming US or UK troops), they were invading someone else's country. They may even oppose the war, and participate anyway.

    Soldiers are a class of men (and often women) who are willing to subjugate their own morals to that of the group. To go along, against their own convictions, because they lack the courage to refuse. There's nothing 'heroic' about them.

  • Who are you fighting for and for what?

    Were Nazi soldiers heroic? What about Soviet military police soldiers? Whether or not being a soldier is heroic depends upon the context. A soldier that fights for a tyrant is not heroic. If he's a conscript he may be another victim not that doesn't make him a hero. Although some soldiers under tyrannies do qualify as heroes. For example those Nazi military officers who tried (unfortunately unsuccessfully) to overthrow Hitler.

  • Most soldiers are heroic, but being a soldier does not, in and of itself, make one a hero.

    People join the military for all kinds of reasons. Some want to serve their country or learn to live with honor and respect. Some join because they are broke and need the money or don't have the money to pay for college. Some join because they want to see the world. Some join just because they think shooting guns is fun or want to shoot people and not go to jail.

    That isn't to say that a person who just wants to shoot people can't be a hero or that a person who joined because he/she wanted to serve his/her country is automatically a hero. It is our actions that define us. While not all soldiers are heroes, we should thank all of our servicemen and women for pledging to protect our nation, regardless of whether they perform a heroic act or not.

  • A Job is a Job

    Soldiers are like paper towels. They just sit there maintaining a minimal value until something spills. Milk on the counter top, my paper towel is retrieved to do what it's supposed to do. When it serves its purpose, another towel takes its place on "stand-by", so to speak.

    Lot's of soldiers who are designated "heroic" say things like "I just did what I had to do". That's not humility; that's the absolute truth. They are put into situations that decay into impossible, then they do what they have to do. The dead ones are dead, and the survivors get "honor", which cannot even be redeemed for a sandwich.

    Suckers one and all.

  • Are they really?

    Who are you fighting for and for what? Were Nazi soldiers heroic? What about Soviet military police soldiers? Whether or not being a soldier is heroic depends upon the context. A soldier that fights for a tyrant is not heroic. If he's a conscript he may be another victim not that doesn't make him a hero. Although some soldiers under tyrannies do qualify as heroes. For example those Nazi military officers who tried (unfortunately unsuccessfully) to overthrow Hitler.

  • Identifying Heroic Traits

    A solider may possess heroic traits, or they may not. Are veterans who come back from our most recent wars, then join the KKK hero's? Does that solider who beats his wife a hero? Is the solider who comes back to become a cop and kill innocent people a hero? The answer is a resounding NO. Heroic traits are determination, loyalty, courage, perseverance, patience, focus, intrepidity and selflessness. Can a soldier be heroic. Perhaps, but not a US solider.

    The reason is obvious. The US military perpetrates war crimes and terror all over the world. They are responsible for atrocity after atrocity in Afghanistan and Iraq. There is nothing heroic about stealing the future from children in those countries.

    We hear about the sacrifice of those soldiers, but we never hear about the death toll of the people in those countries. Killing doesn't make you a hero, following orders doesn't make you a hero, and deluding yourself that you are doing it for "our freedoms" definitely doesn't make you a hero.

  • No - they're employees

    We all have choices in life - mine is not to join the military because, quite frankly, I don't wish to risk my life. If others wish to do so then that's their prerogative - but that is in the full realisation they may be in danger and in return for a wage.

  • It is never heroic to suspend individual moral responsibility

    Nation States can have myriad aims and ambitions. They can be controlled by charisnatic dictators, oligarchs, hegemony, democracy, capitalist systems, systems of PR etc. They could be controlled by any ambition, political objective or motivation for power or resource. A soldier is an amoral agent to those nationalistic objectives, however conceived. A career soldier doesn't care about right and wrong, only about national obedience. Otherwise they would be a poor soldier and a good human being.

  • No profession is heroic by its own accord

    No value can be determined by an action. Many guys went to Vietnam believing the lie about the Gulf of Tonkin. Were they heros? Some of them, but not because they were soldiers. Soldier X was a hero because he risked his life to save his maimed buddy out of compassion. But what if he did it because he wanted the fame of being a hero-then he's not a hero. What if he did it because he had an affair with the guy's wife and he knows the mistress/adulteress will out him if his buddy dies? Then it was selfish and not heroic. Action determines nothing, only intent can tell us something like that.

    And lastly-most wars are not just. Look at us in Iraq. If those soldiers are heros because one thinks thats a good war, then they must also call any burgler or robber a 'hero'. Because in Iraq, that's what we did/do. We told a bunch of lies, broke into someone's house, killed a bunch of their kids, and then moved in pretending it was our house. That's not a hero, that's an opportunist at best, and duplicitous scum at worst. Some are heros, most are common. Just like any job. Bringing value to your world is what matters, sometimes soldiers do that, but most of the time, most of them perpetuate only the worst qualities a human being has to offer this world. Even if they simply just go and do their job-if its an evil war, there is nothing impressive about being a soldier in it. It is what it is, and lying to each other calling it 'liberation' just adds insult to the injury. Liberation would be if some group pushed us out of Iraq, giving the home back to its owner-you know, like in WWII we and the Russians and others liberated various parts of Europe from German occupation. America is in North America. Iraq is part of ASIA, ie were not even in the same continent so its an occupation, not a liberation. Further, it was also America's fault that Hussien murdered 50,000 Iraqis. That was Bush Sr. Who said we'd back them if they rose up-but we never showed up, so they died.... Ya, America is so great, so heroic.

  • Soldiers (Typically) Are Scum

    Soldiers: Young men and women hired to potentially throw their lives away and kill wantonly in the name of psychopathic, money-lusting politicians who don't even know their names or stories and couldn't care less anyway. Has some good come from war? Yes. A small sum. And there probably are some soldiers who possess genuine humanity, but look at the situation: you voluntarily sign up for several weeks of survival training and lessons on how to shoot, stab, bludgeon, and bomb people to death with the intention of doing this for a living. That's hardly heroic, and I would never bestow the title of "hero" to anyone who would choose this for themselves.

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