Are some behaviors and beliefs deviant only because society says so?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • What is norm?

    There is no deviant people. Every deviant man is normal. But there are radicals... The radicals are not normal.

    Like example sexual behaviour. The norm is to no care for sexual relations of others, so much. The radicals wish only man with woman and forbid man to man and woman in woman. It is not about whether something is deviant, it is about whether it is normal? The society chose what is normal. The deviant is normal. The radical not.

    Posted by: anzo
  • Objectivism vs. Constructionism

    When I was a senior in college, I took a very interesting class called Sociology of Deviance, which examined beliefs, behaviors and lifestyles that a majority of society condemns, and it changed the way I view some social behaviors and how we determine deviance. Now, I take a constructivist approach when examining certain acts.

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