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  • We are way more self centered than older generations.

    I live in Hawaii and my elders tell me all these stories of going out with their friends and having a good time. They used to talk and have fun with one another. Now because of technology people texts, don't actually talk. In a result they are more lonely. They take pictures of themselves, using effects, etc. to make them look prettier or cuter. They don't see the person they talk to so they act like they are gorgeous.
    In songs and society there is a certain stander. If you wear joggers and a beanie, your cool. Visors are coming back into style. If you wear that your pretty fly. People wear all this stuff and listen so much to societies standard that they become more self-centered. They get big-headed and confident and then they turn into a rude self being. Nowadays people ʻtalkʻ on social media. If you post ab pictures somebody is dumped to DM you. The hotter you are the more people you get. There is now something called a selfie where you take a picture of yourself. Its even in the DICTIONARY. Tell me that is not a self-centered generation.

  • Were so self centered

    Today, our people care only about themselves. One way you can tell is in song lyrics. Songs from the 1980's emphasize happy togetherness then current songs. Songs today use the words "I" and "me" more then "we" and "us". We are also so caught up in our technology and just want more and more. It seems like people today actually believe they can buy happiness.

  • Current generation is more self-centered than others.

    When individual freedom tears apart all boundaries and when the only one who can help your self is you; makes you more self-centered and if that is how it is currently in different societies; it gets transferred from one generation to another generation. New generation is considered more self centered because they deal individualism more than older generation.

  • Younger Generation Much More Self Centered Than Older Generation

    The younger generation of America is much more self centered than the older generations. Older Americans grew up in a day when people looked out for one another. A day when being a friend and a neighbor was an honor and privilege and something to be taken seriously. Today's generation is growing up in a world where everything is handed to them and they are not required to work for anything. Most kids are not taught about helping others or putting the needs of others before their own. As a result, they live in a world that revolves only around themselves.

  • Yes, Our generation is very self centered

    I believe that our generation is very self centered and most people
    think only about themselves. In America kids want the world to revolve
    around them; they think they should get whatever they want. The music
    lyrics in songs is just a contributing factor for my generation to be

  • It is also us

    While I do think this generation of people is pretty self centered. We can't put all the blame on the kids. In fact, we can't even put most of the blame on kids. It is the older adults who taught them this behavior. If the older generation has such a problem with younger generation, then they should look in the mirror.

  • Our generation can and can't be self-centered

    I am a 12 year old girl, The generation that I live in now is very different then the previous ones, By that I mean that people have their own opinions and thoughts, Most people can give many reasons why they think our generation is self-centered, But it isn't always true. People of now are what is called entitled, That means that people want and think that they deserve more than they need. Or can have.

  • Generations are not to be blamed.

    . In today's social media is the must . If one is not active on social media than we are are not updated with various facts and current affairs. The reason why we are more self centered is that in earlier times there were no such sites and now there are hundreds an thousands of them.We cannot blame generations.

  • Some generation are not.

    People's personalities are not dictated by the generation in which they grew up in. Every generation has people that are self centered and that's dependent on genes, unbringing, and the crowd they surround themselves with. This trait is completely independent of generational upbringing. That's why generations are not more self centered than others.

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