• The double standard continues...

    The USA is a melting pot of double standards, For example, women are paid an average of 77 cents for every dollar a man makes for the same experience and education levels. More shocking, a recent Stanford study found identical resumes with the only difference of gender specific names received poor marks for the female vs male applicant and offered the female applicant $4k less than the male. Scientists are supposed to be the most objective jobs sector so that is quite telling about the rest of the open sexist USA culture in general.
    We need to have an honest conversation about outcome equality.

  • This doesn't make sense.

    You can't be more equal than others. That is contradictory. Equal means equal. Yes, double standards and all that exist, but that isn't equal. You guys need to pick up a dictionary and look up "equal" since you clearly have absolutely no idea what equal means, and I hope you get yourself educated.

  • Easily the statement is both logistically and grammatically misunderstood

    I don't see how people managed to turn "equal" to "worth", and then turn a matter of two choices into a spectrum. Either it's equal, or it's not. If it's not, then the following question should be about the proportion of the inequality, not the lack of equality. Inequality can be measured due to an infinite amount of answers, equality can't.
    Also equal is an adjective you cannot use comparatively for less than 4 subjects. This is because when using equal you apply it to collectives, that is two subjects or more, "they receive equal payment""they are equally worth". Therefore only eg "Sweden is a more equal society than Saudi arabia".

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