• Some people are born into success

    People who are born into rich family's often have the chance to go to better schools and learn more go on to good colleges and get good jobs. Also they don't even have to do well in school if their parents are wiling just pay for their college. Their parents can help them start up businesses with their money too.

  • Born rich or born poor.

    Obviously if you're father or mother or someone you have a major connection with is in a major company or in with a good job, you obviously have a large change of getting into that as well. Kids whose parents run a major corporation, are born into success. All they have to do is follow what they're told and they have it made basically.

  • It takes more than just "hard work" to reap success

    It takes luck- this is usually derivative of past family income, or demographics. Some people may, likely, never have a chance for success. And yet some people, much like delicious food, only become perfect when placed into the perfect situation. Such is the idea of capitalism. I am curious to hear the beliefs of others on this particular subject.

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