• By, "s--t", I assume you mean, salt?

    Those who eat lots of salty foods are full of salt. This is quite obvious and does not need to be explained. Don't eat lots of salt kids. You too will be full of "s--t". And that isn't good. Salt is not good when you eat too much. Damn 50 words character minimum.

  • Not Aware of Any Who Are Completely Full

    It really matters how full we are talking and what we are talking about. If it's the entire human, then I've yet to hear of anyone who is filled entirely with feces. Usually feces does not spread through the entire body. It's a possibility of course, though one that might warrant some concern. To me at least, filling a body with feces does not seem to be a very enjoyable or sane activity. The outcome is almost certainly death if the body was not already dead. Regadless, I can assure you that the people you see everyday on the streets are not secretly full of fecal matter.

  • Not 'fully,' no.

    While the above poster made my day, it is true. A man is not completely hypocritical and stupid-acting, just as a man is not completely of integrity. Human nature is complex; far more complex than anything we ourselves can think of. It is a point that cannot be stressed enough: People are not fully described by one word, one statement, or even one whole publication. Every character is individual with their good and bad values. Having said that, it is also true that some people have a tendency to act in bad character; not saying that this is their whole character, because it is not. By curse of many factors, they happen to act this way. It is not desirable nor is it acceptable. We should strive to assist others improve themselves because they may not even realize their faults. It is also important, however, to not be judgmental and overly-critical.

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