• Of course people can be morons!

    In a happy and great world here would be no morons but not in this world there are a lot of morons e.G people who think all cats are female and all dogs are male, for a very young child that is excusable but for grown adults/teenagers? No they have no excuse at all, and just because you want to be nice to someone doesn't mean you have to say "they just aren't as smart as some people" don't say that that is not nice in the long run if you say "look I think you are a moron but you can learn more" is a much nicer statement in the long run, and if someone actually believes that there are no morons then they the self are likely a moron.

  • Idiots who say Scotland and Ireland are similar

    Seriously? Except for maybe the Highlands of Scotland, the Lowlands of Scotland and northern England are not similar in any way shape or form. LMAO. Southern England is closer to Ireland than northern England. Northern England and southern Scotland are both Anglo-Saxon and Germanic.
    Scotland has asked to be considered a Nordic country if given their "indepedence."
    Ireland hasn't
    List goes on.
    Scotland (the south) is Protestant
    Ireland isn't

    People are stupid

    Scotland is not Celtic in any way shape or form.

  • Well no one is Perfect

    Everyone has different levels of understanding. No one is similar on any subject. So to consider that someone is a moron just because what they believe, say, or think may sound as if that person is stupid to you may sound correct to someone else. Also even though there is evidence to prove that person wrong, just know that everyone learns different things in many different ways and when they do learn something they are going to perceive it in their own unique way and even if it might be wrong, remember, were only human meaning that we're bound to make countless mistakes.

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