• Yes, of course.

    Ignorance and/or minimalistic education can cause people to be stupid. They have no experience, or any kind of knowledge required for a sufficient set of actions in a toolbox of social interactions. Being ignorant of the world around you, being uninformed, and carrying yourself around in day-to-day social interactions, you are really f***ing stupid.

  • 1 in 5 have a IQ under 80.

    Not all people are smart. That is fact. Some people are smart but have bad judgement. That is fact. Some people don't give a crap about intellectual thinking. Look at the hip hop culture and rural rednecks. If you are a part of that crowd and are smart you will come under attack because you will make others feel like they are not smart so they downplay smarts. This is dangerous.

  • Some people are dumb as Hell, to paraphrase George Carlin

    Someone said that "slaveowners started racism in America." WTF? No they have nothing to do with each other, imbecilic morons. I swear some people have no education, or didn't go beyond say, 1st grade. Lol. It's common sense to know that, yes, all supporters of slavery were racists, but not all racists supported slavery. Most of the people who were racist were happy to discriminate and torture Native Americans for their land. Damn, how dumb can people f--king be? "Lincoln was against slavery because he believed in rights for black people." Dumb ass statement. Any kindergartner knows that not all racists supported slavery. Stupid people.

  • Some people just can't seem to learn.

    I worked for Taco bell for over a year. During my time spent there, I encountered many people who were just f**king stupid. People would come through the drive through and ask for a price or a description of an item. Fine, whatever. The next day, same question or even worse the same EXACT question during the same order. Moreover, one time a young man of 23 came through the drive-thru and COULD NOT read, AT ALL. America: the only country a person can learn to drive and not read. Because of my own experiences in the workplace I have come to the firm conclusion that yes, some people are really f**king stupid.

  • NO! Definitley not.

    Nobody is that stupid....And no one has any right to tell anyone else who is stupid or not. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Don't judge people by what their assets are or people may judge you......No one is stupid.....Ever....We may have less abilities in one area than another but we and you are not stupid

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