• Yes, but is not common

    To be a better person than another means to be better than him in every way, if you ware not better in any way you are just better at X,Y,Z than him or her and not ``better`` overall. There are the people who which have no dexterity, low interests in studies, low creativity, low emotional intelligence.... You might be better than one of those, since, what are they good at ?

  • There is no magical equalizing force.

    In a world where nobody is better than anyone else, you'd discover some very strange patterns. For example, imagine a baseball player named Steve. Steve works hard and has a loving family. When he practices baseball, his IQ steadily drops as his skills improve to keep him on the same level as everyone else. When he improves his relationship with his parents, he forgets how to be nice to his coworkers.

    It's ridiculous to believe that people are magically limited in their goodness, and for the same reasons, it's ridiculous to believe that everyone is equally good.

  • Yes, that's just the way it is.

    Think of it from a scientific point of view. We are all born with different genes and some people have more traits that are favourable in every kind of situation possible. It's a hard pill to swallow and that's why many people don't accept it as truth. The complications start when you define the word "better". Some people are smarter, more talented, stronger both physically and mentally on top of being attractive and having good social skills and maturity. Or is it someone who tries their best every day and never feels sorry for themselves on top of being happy and makes other people happy. I would like to think that the second option Is better because it's more of a choice. The unfair part is when you consider the fact that some people are all of these things and some people were just given the correct support in life. Some people can't love themselves and can't make others happy. The best thing to do is be the best version of yourself and accept that it's the way things are. That way you'll not look back on your life with regrets.

  • Society disagrees with equality

    It's all opinion, I think yes because of some of the horrible people I've met LOL. It's really just a matter of truth do you like people or not? I don't so I think some people are better than others. Some people STICK OUT. Some people blow away the competition and change lives, some people sit on their ass and play video games, like myself. I'm still awesome though, come on.

  • Not Everyone Is Equal

    Simply put, if we quantify all possible attributes of a person, then take the sum of all those values, we will find that the sum we come to is greater for some people and less in others. I do agree that we all have flaws and strengths, but some people have less flaws and more strengths than others. Take for example, an average-joe who has nothing out of the ordinary except has very stinky farts. And then compare him to another person who has all his attributes except they're better, but he has stinkier farts. I think if you look at it on a whole, the second person is 'simply better'.

  • In a way, yes.

    What it comes down to is that people are not equal. We are not made equal, we are not born into equal positions, and we do not become equal during life. Life is not fair, it does not give you what you deserve all the time, but it does give you something. What it comes down to is what you do with your life, do you work to better your position or do you resign yourself to a victimized attitude. Attitude can make or brake a person, and those that always strive for better regardless of their position and live a good life are better than someone that thinks they are the victim of life and they demand they be taken care of.

  • Equal in Intrinsic Value - Not Equal in Level of Evolution

    All humans are equal in intrinsic value. This is because every human has a tiny spark of the Divine within them. Yet, Not all people are equally intelligent, Talented, Virtuous, Kindness, Compassion, Wisdom, Strength, Etc. It takes work and effort and suffering to become a better human being. It takes a lifelong effort. Humans evolve by our own efforts. We were not magically created ex-nihilo by a middle eastern tribal god. We evolve and become better people by the choices we make and the work and effort that we put in.

  • Yes without caveats

    The question is not are half of all people better than there other, Or that some people are more virtuous than others. The question already bears the qualifier "some" so no further qualification is necessary.

    Reasoning: It is difficult to name any profession or cultural exercise in which hierarchies do not spontaneously appear. It takes an immense amount of social/governmental pressure to tamp down hierarchical outgrowths; and, As has been demonstrated in Scandinavia, When pressure is applied, Disparities only intensify in another aspect of life.

    Inequity is natural, Not all trees are equal, Nor are lions, Lobsters or microbes; what justifies the arrogant claim that humans would be the exception.

  • Some people are better than others

    If you ever look at athletes some are just better than others, And sure practice takes part in that but some people are just born stronger, Faster, Smarter than others. I'm in a family were all my siblings are highly intellectual; however I am not. So I very mush think that some are better than others because I live in that world of others being better than me everyday

  • And thats a fact

    Some people are better then others because if you are born a sociopath and you beat up the neighborhood cat most people are going to say your a bad person but its natural to you and others go and walk granny across the street and there a good person for doing that.

  • Some are better

    What’s better a doctor or criminal?
    Homeless or a man with a home?
    Some people are better than others.
    Or a retard or geniuses.
    It is based on Education, And Sociality etc

    I just needed extra space down here so don’t read this

    Hello I am a good friend to you I am not

  • Everyone is equal and should be treated equal

    So what everyone is saying that agreed that people are better than others is that we should put them on a pedestal because there “ better than us “ yeah maybe at certain things and there are people that are “ better” than them at certain things but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna treat them like there above me because there better at something for whatever thing there good at they lack something else

  • Are some people simply better than others? No.

    We are all created by God equally and what I mean by that is that our capabilities considered together are same. Some persons have better skills in specific areas and they can be considered as better than others in those areas. But the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts. We need to identify each human beings as unique and from this vantage point I conclude that we can not say some people simply better than others.

  • We are equal; we all have equal flaws and strengths that put us alongside our peers.

    Take the special ed kid who has downs syndrome. They might not have as good of smarts or physical strengths as everyone else, but nobody knows they are the nicest people they've ever met. They could be very determined and perseverant, and the darn most honest person in the world. The point I'm making, is that with every imbalance comes an equal balance that puts us up to par with our companions. That perfect businessman who seems to succeed in everything he does just happens to be the biggest douche you could think of, and nobody knows it, but he has no friends and is very unhappy. There are people who may seem better or worse than one another, but just let the cookie crumble and see what it all comes down to. Everyone is equal, and everyone is just as bad and good as each other. Think about it; look deeper and you might just find something you have never discovered before.

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