• People mostly suck at logical reasoning.

    Whenever i go into an argument with people i see they are missing crucial points in the argument and just unable to understand the point. When i use any example or metaphor, They are unable to perceive it and they focus on literal meaning which has nothing to do with topic of the debate or argument. It really sucks. People suck at reasoning. Most humans are dumb as fuck. I am not super intelligent but i really hate it when people don't get simple things.

  • Not some, most.

    Almost every day I am appalled by the annoying and stupid behaviors of my fellow human beings. I am ashamed to be human most of the time. There are way too many instances I could cite to support my opinion, but I will use the last example I witnessed minutes ago which actually promted me to Google "why are people so stupid and annoying ".
    While riding the bus, a man got on and immediately gave the bus driver hell because he was 5 minutes "late ". Now, it clearly states (never mind that it should be common sense to know this) on the schedule that the arrival and departure times are estimated, due to the many unforseen factors that can effect the route of a big city bus.
    This guy just didn't get it, even after this was patiently explained by the driver who even went as far to apologize to this rude moron.
    So yes, I believe people are immensly annoying and so very, very lacking in intelligence of the most basic kind.

  • Yes, some people have no social graces.

    Yes, some people are so annoying and stupid, because there are no stupid questions, only stupid people. People should be responsible for themselves, and make sure that they get an education and provide for themselves. Too many people think that the world owes them something. It is more important to be self-sufficient and not depend on others.

  • Oh my God

    This dumbass person went around saying, "Luther inspireed Adolf Hitler with his anti-Semitic material." WTF? First of all, they were both different people. Martin Luther wanted to convert the Jews. Hitler was a Roman Catholic who hated Jews and wanted to kill them, doing so while praising having allegiance to Rome. Martin Luther's ideas might have gotten support from the Ku Klux Klan, not the Nazis. I mean, come on, a small kid with not much school yet knows this. I mean Carlin syndrome is in full season.

  • Laugh out loud... Wow.

    No, not some people are annoying and stupid.... ALL people are annoying and stupid. Aha. I'm such a misanthrope. People are terrible. Now... If only I had fifty words already. Ughh. So.. Yeah. People. They're stupid. I hate them. All of them. Everywhere. It's true. Yepp. Aha. People. Disgusting. Yeah.

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