• Finally someone asked.

    You do not have a learning difficulty. That is not how your condition is described. You are stupid. There is nothing wrong with being stupid, it's one reasons I am here. The problem is when idiots and their parents wrap themselves up in a bubble so they can have their safe space, simply because they have a "learning difficulty".

    The only way to help yourself is that you acknowledge the problem that you are stupid. You are only an idiot if you try to run away from it.
    Some are stupid. Some of them are idiots because they refuse to do anything about it.

  • See the thing about the word "bro"

    These idiots who think the word "bro" is black or white - including Visigothic, but some people think the word originated with them and/or that they aren't white but yet Riveras and Delgados are, which is completely wrong cause it's the other way around, Riveras aren't white - seriously the word sounds Italians or Spanish, and it's not related to the black greeting "brotha." Same goes for "sis."

    Right now this one "educated" person claims that the word is English and that it's not Spanish and even more hilarious she tried to insult the word saying it'll never be true Spanish... Like that will cause jealousy
    Please a crunk rapper is higher in the food chain that she is... And she's Rivera, unfortunately, I'm surprised true Riveras didn't throw apples at her.

  • Well of course

    Its is very obvious that some people are stupid. Now granted it depends on what you are defining as intelligence for example when it comes to rocket science I am very stupid. So one can measure ones stupidity based on the knowledge they hold of a topic, or you can measure stupidly based on ones ability to process information. Both would be equally as valid.

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