• This Isn't Even an Opnion

    The question simply asks if SOME games are educational. Yes! The two people who posted before me are thinking too much into this. There are video games designed to be educational. Look at games like Brain Age for the DS, that game was literally designed to be an educational game.

  • Yes of course

    There are hundreds of games that can teach kids things. Games like spore , the sims , minecraft teach kids about a bunch of different stuff with a fun twist. It's healthy for kids to play games like this and learn about science and ecology or any other subject that applies

  • Games CAN be education

    Honestly, I do not fully agree with this side; however, leaning more towards it. Yes, certain video games are educational, you cannot deny that fact, but what about the after effect? The chain effect? Will people think then that ALL video games are educational? Most video games such as Call of Duty are violent and serve as a bad influence to teens. There have even been reports about school shootings and car hijackings all because of the influence of these violent games. So as a conclusion, yes, some video games are educational but we must be careful about the games that we choose out.

  • Games are educational.

    Games are educational. Some games such as Minecraft can be changed into an educational game. It can be used for math or geometry. This is not there are more violent games than educational. I just want your opinion, but I really think that some games are educational. Hope you think the same way as I am.

  • Thay are not

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