Are somethings we are learning at school in America actually useful to real-life scenarios?

Asked by: Quickii
  • "Learning to Learn"

    As my parents have told me after I've complained about school work time and time again, these subjects are necessary to "learn to learn." We're not going to be expected to walk out of school saying "THE BATTLE OF CHALDIRAN WAS A BATTLE BETWEEN THE OTTOMANS AND SAFAVIDS. THE OTTOMANS EMERGED AS VICTORS OF THE BLOODY BATTLE. AS A RESULT, THE SAFAVIDS REMAINED CONCENTRATED IN PERSIA AND DID NOT MAKE FURTHER ADVANCES IN WESTERN EUROPE." But we will acquire necessary skills such as problem-solving, dividing your time wisely to focus on more important areas for a longer period of time, Additionally, we may retain some of the things we learn such as a foreign language, essay-writing, analysis of documents, calculating exponential growth and reduction, etc.

  • Yes, the core of math, science, and language (English in my case) is necessary.

    Math: This is a key component in science, engineering, and accounting.
    Language: Necessary to make yourself understood, store and retrieve concepts and ideas in writing.
    Science: Necessary for everything from raising food (agriculture/biology) to figuring out what happened in a car accident, to building all of the different devices we rely on in our daily lives.
    History: while not necessary in everyday life you do need to know it in order to avoid repeating it and protecting your rights.

    While not all of us need to know everything for our daily lives much of it is good to know. It can also keep you from being as easily cheated or killing yourself through stupidity.

    It is also necessary to expose children to the different topics as without being exposed to it how does someone learn that they enjoy and are good at different things?

  • What do we need this for anyways?

    Some students in certain schools are forced to learn complex math and answers to ridiculous equations, when they can be learning how to save a life, or taught how to manage money in a responsible way. A study shows that 95% of High School students forget pointless and uninteresting thing in school just after 3 days. No point to teach if will be forgotten.

    I just find myself thinking 'When will we ever use this in real life?' but this is just what I think, feel free to agree or disagree!


  • I see why you'd think so

    A)When i ask my teacher when ill actually use the material they force down my throat every week day i get:
    1. You won't, but your state requires you to remember this information and dispel it onto a standardized test sheet in order to prove you are getting your correct dosage of useless indoctrination.
    2. I don't know
    3. You'll need it if you build a house
    B)waste of potential. If my one goal in life is to save lives and better the place i live through constructive outreach before i die since ive accepted the inevitability and uncertainty of death, why am i being forced to follow a path that isn't mine. I'm always being told to follow my heart and do the right thing but my advisers are my oppressors.
    C) my father graduated high-school and went to college for 2 years(since college seems to be some magic cure for poorness), when i was a kid we lived in an old broken down trailer. We lived in a constant state of poverty for 8-9 yrs(depending on your definition of poverty).
    D) Never have i once found a valid reason to trust those who write the bullshit we're force-fed daily
    I'm not saying waking up every week day at 6, fighting depression, family issues, health issues, poverty, and our own biological clocks is a bad thing..ITS WORSE THAN BAD because we fall victim to this system just because mom and dad said school was the only way to escape the dark hole of debt recovery disguised as (middle-lower class), an endless cycle generational impoverishment..But i digress

  • Not everyone will do the same thing

    If I'm a historian do I need algebra, if I'm a chef do I need to know explorers, and if I'm in any non-medical job I don't need to know how the heart works. Not to mention that you aren't taught how to function on your own, a helpful class would me on taxes.

  • No. It is not

    We learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. But, don't learn how to invest, save and spend ecttt.. Knowing what 10x10 is really isn't useful in life. If they comboed the general math with other skills that go hand in hand then the skills we learn would be worthwhile in life.

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