• Male children are better than female children.

    I fully support this topic that boys sons are more important to their family than girls because the boys are the one that will take after the family name. Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf made the internect thee analytical engine was made by a man. The first light bulb was made by a man and many more things. It is true that men are the ones that usually get addicted to drugs and alcohol but it is because of peer pressure, The environment they are usually put in, Their raising up in their child hood and finally for their selfish needs. Men are the one that take care of their family because they are the head of the house. The reason they are not able to really talk and associate with their family because they are always working to make sure their family has more than enough. Guess what? All this responsibilities came from male children. That shows us that male are the one that are better than female children. With my explanation I hope Ihope i have been able to convince you not confuse you that male children are better than female children.

  • Sons are a greater asset to society for the time being!

    Sons, begin lives as boys and then to men... These men then lead a path for our social structure to follow. These men will do what ever they have to for survival or their family and are willing to sacrifice themselves for that very reason! Daughters are equally as important as boys are because they contribute to the human race through reproduction. For this very fact women are essential for humanity! But are not as resilient as men are in comparison to strength or ingenuity! I am not saying women do not possess these traits but that they are less well off when compared to men. Men can sacrifice there lives and the human race will not suffer but if women sacrifice their lives in war and soforth humanity would cease to exist. When robots replace all human based jobs women and daughters will be more important. The end.

  • Women are inferior in every feild to men.

    The internet spreads false narriative and tells all the young women you are more superior to men.

    Even google search is biased towards women and positively portrays them and spreads false information and bloats usless topics regarding women.

    Many people state women are more caring well the fact is men are better doctors, chefs and nurses than women how can women loose in their own caring feild

  • I agree with everyone but also don't.

    I cant even believe whoever wrote this on the non-agreement. You are a disgrace there are many ladies that get into all of those accidents too. Sons and daughters are equally liked, and should be. There should be no competition. And please don't go into conclusions saying men get better jobs because that was in the past. I think what the first person on the right said was very harsh and rude and I don't agree with them. Also on the left side I don't agree. I hope this helped some of you people understand the feeling of others. Just what if a kid saw this, this would be a disappointment. Thank You.

  • Fault of society

    It's not the fault of a daughter that she could not fulfill the needs of her family properly. Its the fault of our society that it had made a girl dependent over others. The persception thet are already made in the society. A girl do a lot of work at home . Overcoming a lot of problems, she becomes able to serve the society. Their is not a single but many examples how daughters had inspired others by the ways she deals her problems.
    The guys are never told to help his mother in her daily work and are told to just focus on their studies but ther could deal with this single matter positively. If a daughter is raised she could achieve anything she wants. And yes for all the girls let the world realise that we are thw once who can make the world our own

  • Masculinity BEATS Femininity !

    Males are Superior in anything and everything.
    Males are the Stronger, Smarter and Greater Gender.
    And this is coming from a Female.
    Face Facts, there is a reason why a very vast mass majority of animals and other organisms on Planet Earth are run by Males.
    Human Beings are Primal Animals, too.

  • Masculinity Beats Feminity !

    Males are Superior in anything and everything.
    Males are the Stronger, Smarter and Greater Gender.
    And this is coming from a Female.
    Face Facts, there is a reason why a very vast mass majority of animals and other organisms on Planet Earth are run by Males.
    Human Beings are Primal Animals, too.

  • Son are more important

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  • Technically yes they are more important.

    Say males and females have the same brain power but the male will always have technical edge over the female and that is physical strength. Put an average guy into a contest with an average female and the guy will always win. Although I do believe in equal rights and that woman are and should be considered the same as men.

  • Daughters should die

    Yes sons are much important than daughters in middle class because they can earn money for their parents and girls can't according to parents but the truth is daughters can give more attention and care to parents than sons but unfortunately poor parents can't understand and always feed and give attention to their sons more than daughters. I'm also one of them who is still facing this shit because i'm daughter i'm girl that's my fault and my penalty. Daughters should die. Please god don't give daughters to parents who don't want them please god don't hurt us please.

  • This is dumb

    This whole debate is so stupid, Daughters and sons should both be treated the same. They should have the same rights as each other and be able to do the same things without getting nagged about it. This whole "debate" is clearly just opinionated and there is no right, Or wrong answer. Everyone and i mean everyone should be treated equally no matter what gender.

  • I say daughters.

    I would rather have daughters more than having sons, I prefer asian daughters over white sons, I prefer japanese daughters over american sons, I prefer chinese daughters over british sons, I prefer russian daughters over german sons, When i don, T want have kids, Would rather have a daughter more than having a fucking son.

  • Girls are Great

    I do not see girls to be inferior in anything and anywhere. Those who believe that they are it's in their gray matter and even god cannot change it. Also in most of the countries unlike ours there aren't much of a discrimination. Our society is still evolving and it will take many more decades to take out the son thing out of everyone's mind. My mother and her mother and the same seed has been sown in my mind as well. Being a feminist I do not see any weaknesses or flaws. Hats off to all the educated fools as they take the pride in a person on the basis of gender. They are the biggest threat to the country.

  • Men will destroy the world; women will save it

    Men rape more, murder more, are involved in more accidents (behind the wheel of a vehicle, at work, and from fights). Sons cost more in accident insurance. Sons are more likely to die early. They are more likely to die from accidents, poor health, and violence than daughters. Sons are more self centered and power hungry.

    If you raise a good daughter, you can teach her not to get pregnant at 16 and focus on school. She can take abstain, take birth control, or have an abortion. And you can influence this. If you raise a good son, he is not likely to abstain, he cannot control the birth control status of his partners, he can get a girl pregnant and you have no say over raising that girl to be smart and take BC, abort, or take good care of her children.

  • Males are inferior in every form except physical aggression and strength

    -Physical strength is no longer an advantage in modern society. We have farming equipment, machines, and drones to do physical labor such as farming, manufacture, and war
    -Most of today’s high paying jobs require degrees and determination, not physical strength
    -Daughters are more likely to go to college and perform well in school
    -More women are graduating from medical schools than men (as of 2017)
    -Women are now scoring higher on IQ tests than men
    -Sons cost more to raise because they eat more, tend to live at home for longer periods of time, and are less likely to take care of their parents in old age
    -Women rape and murder rarely (almost all violent criminals are men)
    -Men are more likely to abuse drugs

  • Makes cause all of societies problems

    1. Daughters are more likely to take care of parents in old age
    2. Daughters are less likely to live in their parents’ home at an advanced age
    3. Females now outperform males in IQ tests in countries that are equal for both genders (and some countries that are not)
    4. Females enroll and complete college at higher rates and with higher grades
    5. Almost all rapists and murderers are male
    6. Males suffer more from addiction issues

  • Daughters are more important

    Daughters are more important in many many reasons they care they love their parents much more then sons she always support her mother and care her father sons are always just dying for their parent's property daughters are happy and lucky charms of family they are the one who cries when she loose her parents yes i repeat daughters are important then sons.

  • No sons are not more important then daughters

    No I'm not thinking so . It is unfair ,what I belive there should be equlity among them. As dughter I know the feeling, it is very painfull and it sometime very defficul to bear and it is couse to haite the patants.Specaly mother are more care about their sons

    Posted by: Ies
  • Sons aren't more important

    Sons are no were near more important as us girls. We girls need to believe in more GIRL POWER! Without us no babies would be born!!! Sons accualy are more selfish than girls and greedy. No wander all of the wars were created by men. And alot of problems are created by men. So this "boys are better than girls" stuff needs to stop!

  • For real? Why sons?

    Sons are not important at all. Daughters are the ones that truly care for there parents and don't kick them out of the house the way guys do. Guys aren't even worth it. Really? Who told you that girls can't make money. If a girl wants, she can own the world. Girls have so much power, they just never show it. Why don't sons die? Its not just about class. If you think about it, the world can't go on without daughters. Everything would end. Guys don't know that there are so many girls who are successful in life. No one has the right to treat there children by gender. How do girls not give attention to there parents? Sons just leave the house without knowing whats going on. Girls make food, clean, study. Guys can't even focus in school because they are always too busy with there friends. I think that everyone should live in the present and learn to love and respect a girl. Just because she's a girl doesn't mean she can't do things that everyone else does. Guys party while girls focus on there studies and future. Every girl should be respected no matter what she has accomplished because the world can't go on without girls. Guys say it like they do every single thing and like they are the only ones to make money for a family. So not true. Guys go die or learn to respect.

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Nicole789 says2018-06-30T06:42:21.227
I seriously can't believe how sexist the arguments on the "Yes" side are.