• Man, they're the toughest girls in the country (don't let the stereotypes fool ya)

    Something I noticed: whereas girls in other parts of the country tend to be more reserved and mostly take care of kids and family, Southern girls do everything -- they will drive a freaking pick up truck should their husband get sick.

    Now I'm not talking about tomboy females whatsoever (though I believe Southerners, unlike what Sodahead might lead you to believe, are not so bigoted towards them or autistic folks). Regular gals are quite tough, and I say this in a sweet way. Some got muscle, and they work out a lot. They shoot guns a lot.

    Julianne Moore, the lovely gal in "Hannibal," is what Southern girls tend to be: tough. Tough yet beautiful. Fighters!

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Adam2isback says2014-11-01T18:16:38.163
I'd marry a Southern girl. She would defend me if I got sick.