Are Spaniards, French, Italians and Greeks at least a little bit black, given the history of the Moors?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • I think there's a reason why those nationalities always had the foul mouth and criminality stereotype

    The Italians, Spaniards, French and Greeks all were invaded by black conquerers during the middle ages, so obviously there's a little in us. Now we're different people, i don't deny that, but I don't think any of those people really qualify as white. Much like Hispanics, they're not black, but they're not white either. They're a whole other race, much like the Asians.

  • No, everyone is a little black, and a little white too.

    Only a stupid racist could identify who is black or white. We are all calico, no matter what shade we choose when we look in the mirror. Go call a man black or a woman white or vice versa. Whatever skin color you label another with makes you the racist.

  • I am black!

    "black" refers to slaves who were brought up in America so there is no way the Moors have anything to do with blacks because not all Africans are black even though all blacks are of African descent. You're so racist that you don't even care about the actual geopolitcal history and struggle of blacks. Ihu.

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