• Yes, too much is happening in the dark

    I respect the need for and place of Special Operations in our modern turbulent world. But lately there has been too much secrecy in their operations, so much so that commanders in chief often do not even know what their own country’s special forces are up to. This is a dangerous situation, and more clarity, especially when it comes to those in charge, is needed.

  • Why we should have specials at shool

    Keep all specials so the kids learn more about things like pe , art or music. If you want to let your students learn more you need to keep all specials at school. And friends can force there friends to come with them even if they don't like that special .

  • They are highly skilled.

    No, special operations are not too secretive, because there is a lot of information that the need to keep a secret in order to do their job. For example, if special operations had disclosed that they were going to hunt down Osama Bin Laden, they never would have been successful doing so.

  • No, Special Operations are not too secretive

    Special Operations must have a high degree of secrecy because the purpose of the operation is usually quite a fragile thing. Common knowledge of the operation would, in most cases, make it impossible to complete or even attempt. While these Special operations may or may not be something most people would consider worthwhile, the safety of the personnel involved in them depends on the secrecy of the plan and its timing.

  • They need to be

    No, they are not to secretive, and I think that they should not be known at all. They can be messed up and a lot of good soldiers can be killed if these missions are not kept completely secret, so that the men can go in and get our safe.

  • No, usually not

    There is usually a reason why special operations are as secretive as they are. Classified information and plans and tactics need to be kept quiet sometimes, and this is part of that process. The general public should not know everything. There is some material best kept under lock and key.

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