• They are GENERALLY reasonable.

    In urban areas, I think that speed limits are set a reasonable level. No one needs to go flying down a residential street at 70 KPH. That's just reckless and stupid. However, I don't think speed limits are reasonable on major highways. A majority of the TransCanada has a speed limit of 100 KPH (about 60 MPH). Nothing is more infuriating than chugging along a perfectly flat, straight, highway in the middle of the prairies at that speed. I want to see it raised to something more like 120-130 KPH (75 MPH).

  • In general, yes the speed limits are reasonable.

    Prefacing this with the fact that I myself routinely break the speed limit, the speed limit is the best effort by the law to provide a safe driving experience. In response to the first negative comment, adjusting the law to driving conditions on every road for every moment would be impractical. Certainly there are circumstances when the speed limit can be higher, but there are also circumstances where the speed limit should be lower. Such an example is not substantial enough to argue against the speed limit. For the second negative response, speed limits are actually based off of the average driving speed of drivers on the road. For example, on the highways the speed limit used to be 55 mph. However, a majority of people went 70 mph. The discrepancy between those driving 55 mph (obeying the law) and those driving 70 mph caused more danger than raising the speed limit to 70 mph. Interestingly those that already sped do not generally continue to increase their speed. This is because people seem to have a limit to what speed they feel safe at in differnt conditions. Facts acquired from

  • US-34 In Greeley, CO

    You literally have to go 30-45 mph through Greeley, Colorado on the main highway. I think they need to update that to 45-60 in the city. We have thousands of people on their way to the mountains and they get stuck in the traffic in this town. It is very bad.

  • I do not believe speed limits are generally reasonable.

    I do not believe speed limits are generally reasonable. Where I live, the speed limit on the freeway is sixty five miles per hour. I believe that this is ridiculous, especially in times of light traffic. You could very safely drive seventy five or even eighty miles per hour on an open freeway.

  • No, Our Current Speed Limits Kill

    Our speed limits are too high. Lower limits would save lives that are needlessly
    lost on the highways, and spare countless drivers and passengers crippling pain
    and long term disability. Highway speed limits could be lowered by about ten
    miles an hour with minimum disruption. Of course, lower speed limits would have
    to be enforced to be effective. Failing to enforce speed limits would only encourage
    disrespect for the law, and no responsible society wants to do that.

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