• It's so important!

    Without correct spelling and grammar, you give off the appearance of being uneducated. I, personally, judge people by their spelling and grammar. If they write or speak incorrectly, I am less likely to want to associate with them. I feel like spelling and grammar (and general writing skills) are deteriorating rapidly and this needs to be addressed. People need to know how to write, and studies show (as well as common sense), that the people who are more likely to be accepted to college or get a good job have excellent writing skills, and this not only includes spelling and grammar; sentence structure and flow, clarity, and pithiness are all very important too.

  • Spelling and Grammar are essential!

    Spelling and grammar are incredibly important. A portion of communication in this modern world is written. Without proper spelling and grammar it could be difficult to understand each other. While our ability to spell does not define our intelligence, it may be necessary to convey our thoughts in a meaningful manner.

  • It is not important

    Now days, we don't need spelling that much like an olden days because the modern technology is keep improving and we can use technology to write and spell the words correctly without any mistakes. Also as you can see there is a check spelling box when you are writing the points down in this website. So if you click one button that says check spelling or auto-correction, you don't have to think how to spell super hard words. Also according to research at Cambridge University, it does not matter which order the letters
    are the only thing that is important is that the first and last to be in the correct position and rest can be total mess but you can still read the words. That is because that our brains automatically know and recognise the words even though the words are all mixed up except the first and last letters.

  • It's been made obsolete with technology.

    To be clear, I think these things are hugely important, I just think teaching spelling as an imperative or marking essays on this basis is ludicrious.

    Spellcheck and tools like Grammarly have made the practice obsolete.

    The data shows we write on computers, Publishable content, That is.

    Writing is medium for communicating ideas that transcends the boundaries of everyday life. Correct spelling and grammar are necessary to convey these ideas, However it's an objective judgement as to whether spelling and grammar is correct, And we have the computational power and inputs for technology that can do it phenominally better than well-educated people can.

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