Are spirituality and religion the same thing?

Asked by: Wavecrest
  • Planets are endless

    They are the same thing. I believe religion is a very arrogant thing. If I was a religious person, I would call myself a very spiritual guy. However because I am not religious I don't believe a greater/wiser/above us all human, elephant, coconut, whatever right answer it might be out of the hundreds claimed to be "the one." Call me one with nature and that is my spirituality.

  • Depends on your perspective.

    Being spiritual doesn't have to align itself with religion, though being religious can be aligned with being spiritual. Spirituality can be associated with nature, or inner wellness or things like that, that have nothing to do with a religion. Believing in a religion is really just saying you agree with their thoughts and points. To be religious and spiritual, it is being active in that particular religion and feeling connected to what ever deity you believe in.

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