Are sport teams entitled to punish members that are exposed as homosexuals

Asked by: The_Serb
  • They should be treated the same as everyone else - re-read the wording of the question

    It is not asking if sports teams should be allowed to punish members because they are exposed as homosexual, it is simply asking if sports teams should be able to punish members that are exposed as homosexual.
    Just because someone is homosexual does not give them more rights than someone who is not homosexual.
    Let's look at this hypothetical scenario:
    Two players on a sports team get convicted of a DWI. One is heterosexual and one was exposed as homosexual (both first time offenders). For the sake of argument, let's say there is a rule in place that first time offenders of a DWI in that sport get an automatic 4 game suspension. However, the heterosexual member is the only player to receive the 4 game suspension. The other player is given a free pass because he was recently exposed as a homosexual, so this player does not receive the automatic suspension even though both players were in the same situation of being convicted of a DWI. If someone does something wrong and the rules of that sport (or team) state the member of the team needs to be punished for the act, then they should be punished. A member's sexual orientation should never play a role in whether or not they should receive punishment for the act they have committed.

    Posted by: CV16
  • Obviously not, moron.

    Nobody is entitled to punish anybody for being a homosexual, let alone the embarrassingly masculine cult that is the sports team. On a purely technical level: in order to abuse somebody based on their sexuality you would need to have a rudimentary grasp of the English— or even Gruntish— language, however this is an unrealistic request for the members of such a primitive, backwards-looking cult.

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