Are sports drinks actually useful or are they just a waste of money?

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  • No no no

    Are sports drinks better than water when exercising?Are sports drinks better than water when exercising?Are sports drinks better than water when exercising?Are sports drinks better than water when exercising?Are sports drinks better than water when exercising?Are sports drinks better than water when exercising?Are sports drinks better than water when exercising?Are sports drinks better than water when exercising?Are sports drinks better than water when exercising?Are sports drinks better than water when exercising?

  • Can be useful

    I think the sports drinks can actually be useful. If you plan on exercising and you spend most of your time doing high intense movement then sports drinks can give you those electrolytes you lost. However, if you spend most of your day just sitting down being a couch potato then you really just need water .

  • I think that sports drinks can be useful, but you have to use them along with water.

    Sports drinks can replenish electrolytes that are lost during activities. They should not be relied on alone, but should be paired with water. I think that a combination of the two are a safe way to ensure that what is lost through perspiration is replaced and at the same time you are drinking water to re hydrate.

  • They are neutral

    It really just depends on what kind of activity you are planning on doing. If you plan on running two miles on the hot beach then you need to get some electrolytes back in your body! Or if you need a little energy than a sports drink is good. However, if you doing light to moderate exercise, stick with water.

  • Can be Useful

    I think that sports drinks can be useful in some situations. If you are engaging in high intensity workouts, it is important to replenish the electrolytes you are losing, as well as the water. Therefore I would say that one drink if you are working out hard is useful, but otherwise I would say they are not necessary and will provide you will much more sodium than is healthy.

  • They are helpful to me an my family

    My husband is in the Army, which means days out in the field in the hot sun. My children are very active and like to be outside a lot. During the summer sports drinks help to give my family the electrolytes that plain water just does not. They help to keep us hydrated and help to keep my headaches away.

  • Refilling electrolytes needed

    I believe that the electrolytes that are replenished with gatorade are needed in some cases. Not necessarily children that needed it but teenagers that are playing in middle school, high school and college. These teenagers tend to spend more hours practicing and working out and I believe that gatorade would help in these cases. Water is necessary as well in addition to.

  • They're helpful for me

    I think that sports drinks are helpful. When your exercising, your not just loosing water, your loosing salts too. We run low on water and electrolytes. Yes, water is the best thing you can drink to rehydrate however, you need to replenish salts to keep from going in to heat exhaustion. Gatorade and powerade are some examples of already made up supplements to keep from heat exhaustion or worse, heat stroke.

  • They help me

    They help me as if I drink water when I play sports I get a bad stomach ache as when I drink sports drinks ( powerade, Gatorade) I feel better and don't get a headache. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • They're Not Healthy.

    A lot of people love sports drinks and yes, they can really be helpful. They can give you energy or wake you up or make you feel pumped! However, the issue really comes down to the fact that they're not good for you. The more of these fancy drinks that you take into your body, the worse it is. So I believe that they're more of a way to make money, rather then to help people.

  • Sports drink bad

    Sports drinks are bad for your body too much and it can be really bad for you and it is not good for your body ( i.E teeth etc) some people don't like them but we stay healthy by using water some people may say that they are helpful but how much do they take is what really matters

  • Drink more water!!!!

    I think that sports drinks are overrated and seen as something cool because "that" famous athlete is drinking one. Sports drinks are definitely not good for kids. The sugars, dyes, and sodium alone are enough to steer parents away from sports drinks. Water is an essential in your everyday life so we should just stick with it.

  • Don't buy sports drinks because they don't really do anything.

    They do not do anything for me, I mean if you want to pay a little extra for something that may taste better then it may be for someone that doesn't care much for water but I refer water over sports drinks. Sports drinks don't quench my thirst like water does.

  • Waste of Money

    I believe the average person does not need the sports drinks and especially children. There may be occasions where a sports drink is appropriate but daily they are not. The affects on teeth, increased amounts of sugar and food dyes are enough to make a parent think before handing over a sports drink.

  • Too bad for you!

    Gatorades and sports drink are so bad for you. The only reason you should ever drink them would be if you are planning on exercising right after you drink the beverage and for a long time! It takes so much to burn them off, just have a quick drink of water!!!

  • Waste of money

    I never understood why people even drink sports drinks. If anything these drinks will affect your health negatively long-term. It may give you some energy, it will however only make you feel more fatigued. Just drink water or even juice instead of sports drinks. At least those ones are healthy and aren't filled with all kinds of chemicals.

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