• Yes it is important:

    It is important as it keeps us healthy and fit. It can be played by any one. It is played by small child to a senior citizen. It is not necessary that a person should be good/ very good in sport but he should try. Many people think it is not important and ignore it. So i think sport is important

  • Yes it is good

    It keeps a person fit .In the whole world they play sports .We can play any time and anywhere . We have two type of game indoor and outdoor games both are equal important . Indoor game like batminton etc. and outdoor game like polo ,football ,and cricket e. T. C. ..............................

  • Sports are Beneficial

    Sports are important for growth and development. They help young people learn teamwork, discipline, self-control, and teach them how to interact with others. They involve exercise, thinking, planning, and strategizing. All of these are important. Sports are not the most important thing in the world, and some people take them far too seriously, but they are beneficial, especially to young athletes.

  • Yes they are very important

    In the old days people got fit through life, they had to walk everywhere and work very physically hard. These days life is different and our bodies will atrophy if we don't do something to keep them strong and healthy. This is where sport comes in. Unless people have a very physically active job they should all play some kind of sport to keep them fit and healthy.

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