Are sports more important than art and literature?

Asked by: Joseph87
  • Sports are more important than art and literature.

    Sports are more important than art and literature because people should be active. They should not be sitting in the class just listening to the t a her just telling something's that they don't to listen to. They should be able to have some fun and move around in school.

  • You can only do sports for so long

    Sports, while important for health and fitness, can only last so long in life. At some point you won't be able to perform the same tasks. With intellectual pursuits like art, music, and language, you can do them for far longer and have more positive results than just a scholarship and being fit.

  • Arts and literatures improve academics

    Literatures and arts are, in my personal opinion, more important than sports. Both of these subjects have improved the skills of students, and most have went on to be successful in adulthood. Plus, it has also been scientifically proven that arts and literatures improve academics.
    The only thing that sports teach to students is winning and competition. Many people at my own school are extremely rude and into unhealthy things, such as alcohol, sex, and drugs, and I'm sure that that's the same case in several other schools.

  • Different, but equal

    Sports aren't better than art or literature, they're equal. Neither is better or worse than the other. Each has benefits and drawbacks that compliment each other! A well rounded individual should participate in both physical and intellectual pursuits, and art and literature are not only intellectual but cultural as well.

    Posted by: Maia

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