• Stabbings are a serious epidemic

    Stabbings are a serious epidemic. In fact, many more stabbings occur when compared to gun use. That is a little known fact that the elite media and stakeholders don't want you to know. If people were really serious about deaths at the hands of weapons, they ought to look at knives.

  • No, I wouldn't classify stabbings as a serious epidemic.

    It seems that there are an increased number of events that involve stabbing, but I don't think this classifies them as an epidemic. We have so much media coverage and ways to get information that it seems like more awful events are going on when there may only be a small increase, if any.

  • Stabbings are not the most serious crime

    Whenever a new headline about a crime occurs, the authors of the headline like to stir up trouble by claiming that these types of crimes are on the rise. Most recently, there is the claim that stabbings are on the rise and are leading to an epidemic of this sort of crime. I disagree - I think that's just more media hype.

  • I don't hear about stabbings very often.

    Most epidemics that are murder related have to do with either bombs or guns. In the United States however, not much is heard about bombs. They are more prevalent in the Middle East. However, nearly all deaths in the United States occur through guns. Either way, both methods are disliked and shunned upon any acts relating to this

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