• Yes, but there needs to be evidence of self defense.

    Naturally anyone should have the right to defend himself or herself, and finding someone armed in your own home, for instance, would seem to demand this. However, in trials there needs to be evidence shown that there was imminent danger so that innocent people are not murdered because they seem scary to others.

  • They can be good however the bad parts outweigh the good effects to the larger scale

    Kind of racial. Like Treyvon Martin, he got shot for using self defense when George Zimmerman attacked him because he was black. Also it gives normal people the authority to just simply kill someone. Although cops are limited in rural areas, i still believe that this law is completely unnecessary as America was fine without it.

  • "Stand Your Ground" laws are a bad idea.

    "Stand your ground" laws are a bad idea for several very good legal reasons.First of all its very hard to read a person's mind so you really do not know what their motives are.Second it easily opens up a legal bind where various prejudices and racist tendencies are reinforced as a justified reason to commit crimes or otherwise negatively affect other people's lives.

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